I Can Almost Taste It

What’s that I can almost taste? Why, FREEDOM, of course.

My summer class has kept me incredibly busy.. but tomorrow I have my final exam [insert scary music here] and then I’m DONE!

So this post is going to be a quick update of my very boring, not-so-exciting life lately.

Since I received an iPhone for my birthday (bye bye Crackberry), I’ve been playing Words with Friends nonstop. Seriously… nonstop. It’s affecting my sleeping patterns.

Username: cmcoving. Play me. But take this as a warning.

When I’ve not been working hard at Words with Friends, I’ve been working hard at school. Uhhh I can’t believe I’m about to post this… but…

Reporter standup

… this super embarrassing shot is from one of the packages I made over the weekend. Many of you probably don’t know this… but my career goal is to either become a producer or reporter.

And after I’m done working hard… I reward myself with this…

Peanut butter cheesecake the size of my head from Nantucket Grill.

I did manage to do a little shopping, though… and wound up with these two tanks from Anthropologie because they were on sale and, well, I’m slightly addicted to spending money that I don’t have (oops).

So since I’m on the brink of freedom, I’m now looking for some post ideas since I’ll have more free time on my hands. My question to you is…

What would you like to see more of?

Do you want OOTDs, food posts, fashion posts… something you want me to blog about in particular? I’m looking for ideas and I’m open to anything! πŸ™‚

Hope you’re all having a fabulous week!

Love, Cait

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  1. I finish the PCAT tomorrow, so we should celebrate together via the bloggy world! I love those tanks! I am a shopaholic/fashionaholic (if that is a word) so I would love to see more OOTD and fashion posts!

  2. Good Luck on your final! Super cute tanks, Love anthropologie! I would love to see more fashion posts! You always have great ideas!

  3. Um, that cheesecake is ridiculous! & Super cute tanks. I seem to have the same addiction as you. It is always the most tempting to spend money when you absolutely shouldn't! Good luck on your final!

  4. First…love the tanks. So cute!

    Second…blogger meet up for some of that cake please?!!?

  5. Can I please have that cake?! haha I'm definitely looking forward to upgrading to the iphone as soon as I'm elegible. I want to play words with friends… it's like scrabble to go (which is my favorite game).

  6. I love all your posts whether it be about life, fashion, food, or doing word puzzles, so I have no preference. Good luck on your exam!

  7. You can totally pull off the reporter gig!

  8. I'm addicted to Words with Friends!! Find me if you want: HollyJean11. Cute tanks, and that cheesecake is making my mouth water..YUM! Good luck with your final!!

  9. fashion posts, food posts,-it's all great to me! I started laughing when you mentioned Words with friends because one of my former roomies was addicted to it!! Good luck with your final.

  10. I'm loving the tanks! I still have about 2.5 weeks till summer school ends then I get a short week for a summer break! ahh!

    I'm new to blogging and would love if you would stop by for a visit! http://carolinaonmymind1223.blogspot.com/

  11. I just found your blog and it is adorable!! I love those tanks. Anthro is having such a great sale! I did a post on a cute skirt from there a few days ago that I got super cheap!

  12. I'm totally addicted to Words with Friends too! I can't stop! Antho's sales are the best, I have scored some really great things on sale there!

  13. Cute shirts, I love anthro.. especially when its on sale!

  14. yum!! that cake looks delicous =]

  15. YUMMY cheesecake and i hope you do wonderfully on your final exam!

  16. Good luck! I hope you will succeed your dream to become a producer or reporter!
    Travel in Style

  17. Good luck with the final! And Words With Friends is definitely addictive!

  18. Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog! You are too cute – love that reporter shot πŸ™‚

  19. Oh my that cake is so drying else, sounds delicious! Good luck on the final!

  20. I love your fashion posts and I love those anthro tops! Good luck on your final!!

  21. oh my goodness…….that cake looks divine!!!!! and good luck on your final! I just finished a summer class…SO glad to be done!!

  22. yayyy for journalism! My degree is in PR and I love it!! I know how you must feel about class being almost over!! ohh and I've totally been obsessed with WWF for a while now..it's super fun! πŸ™‚ xo

  23. That cheesecake looks fantastic!!! I can't believe it came with a Reese's, too. PB Chocolate lovers rejoice!

  24. I am absolutely addicted to Words with Friends! That cake looks absolutely amazing yum!


  25. YAY for freedom! And I'm so jealous that you left the Crackberry world…I am holding out until September for the iPhone! Then we can FaceTime, get excited!

    Also, yay for becoming a reporter! I graduated with a degree in journalism. πŸ™‚

    What would I want to see more of? Pictures, always! And just random things/activities you like to do. I love to read blogs about the people and their lives. I guess I'm curious (the journalist in me).

    Happy Thursday! Phew, that was a long comment.

  26. Your picture/drive to be a reporter someday makes me think of the movie "Up Close and Personal" – have you seen it? It's AMAZING!

  27. i like your fashion posts! and just the everyday normal posts too!

  28. That is so cool that you want to be a producer/reporter- what a neat career! And that cheesecake looks soo yummy!

  29. All I saw in this post was peanut butter cake πŸ˜‰

  30. Anonymous

    I just got an iphone and im obsessed! I am def going to attempt to play you at words with friends..though be warned..I am TERRIBLE!


  31. omg i am obsesseddddd with words w/ friends. you can add me if you want: christinaorso

  32. You have me drooling over that cake. Seriously.

    My Fashion Fancies