How to Survive a 10+ Hour Flight

Good morning and happy Monday from JAPAN, you guys! My mom, brother and I are all in Japan because my brother used to live here, and he has been begging us to visit for quite some time now! He loves Japan so much: the culture, the food, the people, the public transportation, and has been wanting to show us everything he loves about it. And both my mom and I do really love it (more about that later!); however, the one thing we don’t love is the 14-hour flight over here, haha! I put together this little list of items that were ESSENTIAL on the flight – believe it or not, all of these fit in my Louis Vuitton Neverfull GM tote. Trust me, if you are on a flight longer than 10 hours, YOU NEED EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THESE!

one // This clear travel case is perfect for stowing toiletries that you’ll need on the plane, and it’s TSA-approved! (When they ask for you to take out your liquids during security, you can just take out this little bag and place the whole thing in the bin.) I keep a couple of different things in here: my contact case and solution, glasses, hand lotion, facial cleansing wipes, a small tub of moisturizer and any medicine that I’m bringing with me on the trip.

two // Ok this travel scarf is a NON-NEGOTIABLE for me! Yes, it’s expensive, but it’s cashmere, SO soft and warm, and you will use it over and over again. It can double as a blanket or pillow on the flight, and if it’s cold where you are headed, you will thank me later! Both my mom and I have taken turns wearing this scarf in Japan (it’s been surprisingly cold here!). It comes in a bunch of colors, I also really like the grey one, here.

three // These Ultimate Makeup Remover Wipes are so nice because they’re completely all-natural. I like to take my makeup off on the plane (sleeping in your makeup can cause clogged pores and breakouts!) but I don’t want to pack an entire bottle of face wash. These wipes are so nice because you can pull them out and use them while in your seat on the plane. They’re made with coconut oil so they do a really great job of getting off all your makeup while still being gentle on your skin. Plus, my skin feels SO moisturized after.

four // I have had this same silk sleep mask for three years now – it is worth the investment! I like using this on the plane to block out all of the light. On our flight to Japan, a little girl next to me kept opening the window shade and letting sunlight into the dark cabin – this sleep mask was a lifesaver and allowed me to sleep on the plane! Plus, the silk is really gentle on your eyes and eyelashes – and you’ll never wake up with wrinkles.

five // I brought these Goodnight Lovely vitamins with me on the plane to try to help induce sleep – and they worked! They’re packed with melatonin to help your body naturally feel sleepy, and hyaluronic acid for healthy, moisturized skin. This is a double whammy vitamin because I always get dry skin from being on a plane overnight, and I felt like these vitamins really helped!

six // More clear pouches – but they are seriously so useful to keep in your bag! I like this bigger one for keeping cords and chargers – this trip I packed my iPhone cable and charger, my iPad charger and my computer charger, and this case was the perfect place to keep them.

seven // Ok how cute is this little portable contact lens case?! It even comes with a small vial that you can fill with contact solution. It’s pretty inexpensive so I’m not sure how durable this case would be, but it’s really nice to have for the purpose of using on the flight. I absolutely can not sleep in my contacts, so taking them out on the flight is a must for me before I can fall asleep! This little travel case makes it so you don’t have to bring a huge bottle of contact solution with you.

eight // I’ve shared these with you guys before, but these under-eye patches are another must-have on long flights. I pop these on under my eyes about an hour before we land to help de-puff and energize the skin around my eyes. They really work!! I feel like I look way less tired and puffy when I get off the plane after using these.

nine // This foot sling is a lifesaver, and I have my mom to thank. She found them on Amazon and ordered three so that each of us would have one on the flight. You hook the sling onto the tray table, and it allows you to rest your feet in it (you can adjust the height to your liking). Usually my legs and knees will throb on the plane because you can pretty much only keep them in one position for several hours straight, but this sling really helped immensely! I tucked my feet into it and put my bent legs at an angle (almost like I was laying in bed) and was actually able to sleep this way! It’s a little difficult to explain but hopefully you guys get the gist.

ten // This one is a no-brainer. Noise-cancelling headphones are so nice because they cancel out the sound of everything and everyone around you! I couldn’t even hear the plane engine or flight attendant announcements with these puppies on – which made sleeping much easier. They are also nice for watching movies and shows on your iPad.

eleven // This felt purse organizer is really nice for keeping all your goodies organized within your purse or tote bag. I ordered one for my Louis Vuitton Neverfull and couldn’t imagine life without it! There are a ton of little pockets and compartments for organizing your phone, pens, notebook, makeup, etc. I use this in my everyday life too, not just for travel!

twelve // I’ve blogged about this neck pillow before, but it’s the best one I’ve ever used! It’s not very big, so it’s super easy to pack or stuff in your purse or carry-on.

thirteen // A large tote is my bag of choice when flying! For this Japan trip, I wanted to pack lightly since we would be getting on a lot of trains and subways. I didn’t even bring a carry-on bag! I brought along my Louis Neverfull GM tote and it was large enough to fit all of my necessities.

fourteen // Before this trip, Chris and I bought the 11″ iPad Pro (for us both to use), and I definitely wanted to bring it along on the flight! Most international flights have TVs these days, however there are a few that don’t, and I didn’t want to run the risk of getting a plane without them! I downloaded both the Netflix app and the YouTube app – both allow you to download movies and YouTube videos to your iPad that you can watch offline. I’ve recently been addicted to the show “Selling Sunset” on Netflix so that’s what I watched the entire trip to Japan! Back to the iPad, I bought this case to protect it and I really like it – there’s even a little spot for the Apple pencil.

If you guys have discovered any must-have travel necessities, I’d love to hear in the comments! Let me know! xoxo

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  1. Loved this post Cait! So many useful items, 10+ hour flights are so difficult!

    I hope you have a great Monday,

  2. Amanda

    Hi Cait,
    Great tips! Am looking forward to hearing your Japan recommendations for a trip I have there in June.
    I can’t get the felt organizer link to work – it just takes me to Amazon’s homepage and I’m keen to buy similar for my Neverfull GM. Enjoy the trip!

  3. These are so great! The longest flight I’ve been on so far was a couple years ago when my mom and I went to Italy- I wish I’d known about some of these things then! The foot sling sounds incredible!

    xoxo A

  4. These are all so important to have on hand! I am so jealous of your Japan adventures. My family went a couple of years ago and had an amazing time. Have fun!!

    Kendal / Life With Kendal

  5. Kathy

    Great post Caitlin! I ,love packing list posts. I have a question about your iPad. Did you buy the 11” iPad Pro? You mentioned an 11” iPad Air but the new air is 10.5” and the pro is 11”. I’m going to be buying a new iPad soon and wanted to ask how do you like your new iPad? I can’t decide which one to get. Thank you and have a great trip. I look forward to more of your posts. Love your blog!

    • I meant to type Pro!! Haha I have a MacBook Air. I got confused 😊 but yes we love it!! I love the pencil too, I use it for everything!

  6. An eye mask is a must for me!

    Mireia from TGL

  7. Laura Leigh

    So many amazing items! Definitely well thought out lady – rocked that 10-hr flight!

    xo Laura Leigh
    Louella Reese

  8. zoe

    Thanks! This is super helpful, I have an 11 hour flight coming up in a couple weeks…You should try compression socks for the knee and leg throbbing, definitely not cute but they were a complete game changer for me on long haul flights!

  9. Caitlyn Carson

    Question – I read the reviews on the foot sling on Amazon and a lot of people have said that there is not enough room to use it in Economy seating. Do you travel First Class or in Comfort seating where there is more room between the seats? I am 5′ tall so that could help with the functionality of this product in tight spaces… But I am traveling to Hawaii from South Carolina next month and I’m trying to determine whether or not I should purchase since we will not be traveling First Class!


    • Hey Caitlyn, we were waaaay back at the very back of the plane (in economy) and they worked just fine!! However we are all pretty short, I am only 5’3, so maybe it works better if you’re shorter. I think you would be fine 😊

  10. Mike M

    Hi Cait! Enjoy my favorite country! I’ve been to many other countries and Japan is the best by far. After my first trip I was like, “Why would anyone want to go anywhere else?” The sights are amazing, but what truly makes Japan great is its people. They are the most helpful and considerate people on Earth. Soak it all in! I can’t wait to get back for my 5th trip there. We bought a place in Seattle to be as close as possible to Japan and remain in the lower 48. My wife is from the Philippines so Japan is a natural stopover as well. Win win!

  11. Great travel post, Caitlin! I definitely vouch for #1 for sure! It’s a great travel bag for sure and it holds a lot more than it looks. I’ll definitely have to look into that bag organizer. Lord knows my work bag needs it, lol!

    I hope you come back with lots of great Japan content! I’d love to see what you’re doing and eating! xo

    She Sweats Diamonds

  12. Ann Schiller

    Hoping you are having a GREAT time–Kyoto HAS to be one of the most MAGICAL places I have ever been!! Was wondering if you ate on the plane–I think you recently went vegetarian–was this a problem on the plane?? Have been following you for ages, and love all of your pics–OF COURSE you are just gorgeous, but your honesty and humility are what sets you apart!!

    • Hey Ann, thanks so much for your comment! Yes haha I did have a little bit of a hard time eating on the plane – the only options for the meal were chicken or pork, and I couldn’t eat either. Luckily the meal did come with several sides I could eat like a salad and miso soup. The flight attendant said next time I could log in to their website and request a vegetarian meal ahead of time so I definitely recommend that!

  13. Oh my god Japan must be amazing and having someone that knows their way around and knows all of the hidden spots and gems must be even better! How cool you get to do this!
    That foldable neck pillow looks great, I have to go and check that one out!
    xx Janine

  14. Christine

    I love this post and it came at the right time! Plus I also love Selling Sunset and bummed I watched them all! My son lives in LA and we always trade new shows to watch and he was like my conworker is on that show(chrishell) and they sent me a pic together and she said “hi mom” lol. I love all of your travel posts! I follow both of you:)

  15. Kate

    Kyoto is one of my favorite places in Japan. If you have time, I recommend taking the train a bit south for a day trip to feed the deer at Nara Park. The deer are so cute and the park is beautiful.

  16. Eleata Swan

    Thanks for all the helpful travel tips for long flights! I hope you will do a post on what to see and do while there! I love your style and I enjoy reading your blog!

  17. I’m really excited to try out the Goodnight Lovely pills!!

    Instagram | | Youtube

  18. A large tote is always the first thing I take out when I get ready for a flight! Def need to try those Goodnight Lovely Vitamins

    Blondie in the City

  19. Alexis

    These are all great suggestions! You mentioned you packed a laptop charger – how do you pack your laptop when traveling lightly? My boyfriend and I have been traveling full time by car and are switching to a year of planes and hotels. I’m still struggling with an efficient way to have my laptop (right now I’m using a backpack) and my purse. Any tips?

    • I have a really small/lightweight MacBook Air and it fits in a lot of my handbags (obviously not small purses or crossbody bags). Most of the time I carry a tote like my Louis Vuitton Neverfull as my purse and the laptop fits easily inside!

  20. Hey Caitlin! Thanks so much for writing this post! I’m definitely going to check out a bunch of these items! I was curious, do you cover your Neverfull with the dust bag when you put it under the seat? I just got the Neverfull azur brand new and I’ve been super nervous to even take it anywear! Do you find the light color gets dirty easily or should I just get out there with it already?! Lol. Thanks for the info, really appreciate it! ❤️

  21. Sam

    Hi!! I’m going on a 10 hour flight in a few weeks. Do you still use that neck pillow or is there a new one you recommend?

    Thank you!!