Free People Dress Dupe!

Alright this dress will look wayyyy better on all you non-pregnant gals, haha, but I had to share! This Amazon dress is an exact look-alike for a Free People one, but for one-fifth of the price (it’s only $21.99!). I love Free People, but sometimes it’s so expensive for what it is! This dupe is great quality, I love how flowy it is and the frayed-hem is very on-trend. Plus the pink color is perfect to wear now, at the end of summer, and into the fall.

Can you see how big baby girl is getting in these photos!? Right now she’s as tall as a carrot! Flowy dresses are my new go-to… since I’ve grown out of all my shorts now! I am hesitant to purchase any maternity clothes/dresses, but focusing on buying things I can wear now and after the baby comes. If you have any tips for dressing the bump and staying comfortable, I’m all ears!


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  1. Brit

    Cute dress but the link doesn’t work 🙁

  2. Rachael

    Invest in one good pair of maternity jeans to get you through, and go for the full panel style haha I always think inset won’t bother me…as soon as they’re on you gotta pee 😂

  3. That dress is seriously cute, would’ve never thought it’s from Amazon! Ahh your bump is growing so much, how exciting! 🙂
    Xx Janine

  4. adri

    Are you still using self tanner even though you are pregnant? I’ve always heard that these type of products are not good for health…

    • Not really! I haven’t used self tanner in more than a month!

      • Adriana

        This dress is so beautiful ! 😍
        When I was pregnant, I wish someone had suggested to me to buy clothes that work for breastfeeding and pregnancy alike. I would have saved money and time, especially after the baby comes, when you won’t have time to shop. (That is, if you decide to breastfeed).

  5. Arielle

    can someone post the link? it’s not working for me!

  6. Caitlin Lowery

    Yes! Get lots of loose, swingy dresses and tops that will fit you the entire pregnancy and you can layer cardigans over top of and leggings underneath this winter. Get a good pair of maternity jeans and maternity black leggings. And maternity clothes get waaaay marked up in price! A lot of pieces you can buy in regular sizes and just get a size or two up. You’ll want the extra room after Baby Girl gets here – comfort is key!

  7. Shana

    Definitely recommend investing in a pair of full panel jeans. I liked Madewell the best! Also joggers are good or anything elastic waist band that can sit low or high on your stomach. I invested in a pair of lulu align leggings that I could wear before and after but once they stretch out they won’t go back. Start looking at “nursing friendly” tops if you are going to explore that for after so you don’t have to get fully undressed on top to nurse, learned that one that hard way 🙂 Always carried a scarf with me to cover up on the go! I wanted to feel supported after so the high waist zella and lulu leggings were my go to!

  8. Ashley

    You are so beautiful! Thanks for the tips. You should do a makeup routine blog post!

  9. Krysta

    ASOS has good maternity/postpartum clothes at reasonable prices!

  10. Laura Leigh

    love it! such a great find!

    xo Laura Leigh

  11. I love the way the colors blend. I love shopping on Amazon for dresses. Amazon has such great finds. Plus, your Gucci bag is a dream. You look gorgeous and you’re absolutely glowing. Congratulations on your bundle of joy! x

    Darianne |

  12. Cassie

    Purchase the MAMA Spanx Jean-ish leggings! I am small like you and had a hard time with maternity pants. Even in my last trimester, my expensive maternity jeans did not fit- they were too big. The spanx were the only pants I could find that fit from small bump to big bump. Pants were the only maternity clothes I purchased so you will definetly want a pair or 3!

  13. Megan

    What size did you get in the dress?

  14. Kristan

    Soo cute! I splurged on 2 pairs designer maternity jeans with the nude material that goes over bump. I wore even after to help support my new mama tummy plus when nursing they cover your back so you feel more covered!

  15. Oh my goodness, this dress is so darling! Love the color, style, and fit. Babydoll dresses are one of my faves to wear! And I so agree with you son FP pricing!


  16. Lindsay

    What color is this handbag please?