Daily Makeup Routine

Hi lovies!

My daily makeup routine is super simple. I like to sleep in as late as possible in the mornings before work, so I need my makeup routine to be quick and easy and still get the job done! These are my favorite products that I wear every day. Nope, I don’t even wear eye shadow – I actually like my eyes better without it! 

Moisturizer: I swear by philosophy’s {hope in a jar}. It’s extremely hydrating but incredibly light. It doesn’t leave my face feeling greasy afterward, just refreshed!

Foundation: Bobbi Brown’s liquid {foundation} is simply amazing. It’s so natural looking, but provides enough coverage to hide all my imperfections. It also contains SPF 15 to protect your face from the sun (which is essential since I HATE putting on sunscreen). This {foundation brush} is the perfect brush to apply it with!

Bronzer: Too Faced {sun bunny bronzer} is a must-have for me. My face is naturally really pale and this bronzer makes me look like I’ve actually gotten some sun! I love that there’s a dark and light side, so you can mix your perfect shade. There’s also a little bit of shimmer in this product which really makes your face “glow.”

Blush: Bobbi Brown’s {blush in nude pink} is my all-time favorite blush (I love it even more than NARS orgasm!). This is the perfect pink color for my skin and it makes me look more alive in the morning. I love that rosy, fresh-faced look and this product helps me achieve that!

Mascara: I’m crazy about eyelashes. When I stumbled upon this drugstore mascara, I knew I could never turn back. This stuff is the bomb dot com! Maybelline’s {XXL Pro Mascara} has primer on one side and mascara on the other. The primer is white and goes on your lashes to plump them up before you apply the mascara. I always get compliments on my eyelashes and I truly believe it’s because of this stuff!!

Gloss: I love Bobbi Brown’s lip gloss in {popsicle}. It’s the perfect gloss if you want just a smidge of color. It also gives my lips a pretty shine without being sticky (I hate sticky lip gloss!).

There you have it! I have a different makeup routine if I’m going out at night, but this is my routine for every day. This routine really gives my face a natural look. I don’t want people to think I’m wearing a lot of makeup, and I swear by these products!

What is your favorite product in your makeup bag?


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  1. i agree, i never wear eyeshadow, i can't stand it. i've been looking for a new mascara though so i want to try this one out!

  2. Fun post!! My face is really sensitive so I can only wear a few brands (such as Clinique or Almay) but my favorite make-up brand is Mally! You can buy Mally products online or on the QVC channel. Best make-up ever! I love literally everything Mally makes: eyeshadow, highlighter, lip glass, and their mascara is AMAZING.

    xoxo Miss ALK

  3. I may have to try Bobbi Brown's blush with all the good things you're saying about it, I swear by NARS Orgasm but I'm looking for a more rosy colors blush and you're totally selling me on this one! Thanks for sharing the products you use! πŸ™‚


    • I'm in the same boat. I swear by NARS orgasm, but this has persuaded me to head to the Bobbi Brown counter!

      I don't wear foundation, but I love Bennifit "boing" concealer. It works miracles.

  4. I don't like eyeshadow either, its not natural. These are great products, thank you for sharing, I will definitely try them!


  5. Thanks for sharing! You've given me some new items to try. And I love Hope in a Jar too!


  6. I have heard great things about the Bobbi Brown makeup line and I might try it out after I run out of my current products. Lately I have been wearing Kat Von D foundation and NARS bronzer and I love them both!

  7. Need to try that hope in a jar- sounds amazing!

  8. I am deffff going to have to try that blush if you say it's better than my fav, NARS orgasm!! Does it have a sheen to it?

  9. No eyeliner? I've dropped the eyeshadow for daily wear and it cut my makeup routine time in half! Totally worth it.

  10. This is super ironic, I'm blogging about my favorite make-up this week too. I'm a make-up addict but I always end up using the same products including Bobbi Brown's blush!

  11. I use a few different brands, too, but I love Bobbi Brown blush! I've been using it for years and don't think I'll ever change! I'm going to have to try that gloss, though!

  12. Just curious, how long do you allow between applying moisturizer and applying foundation?

  13. the fact that you don't have a face full of makeup every day makes me adore you even more! <3

    for me, bronzer is a MUST during summer!

  14. Looks like you love BB. I second that their skin foundation is amazing.. I own it and use it every now and then. the one thing I LOVE is my Nars Laguna Bronzer, it's the only thing I use often enough and it's almost gone.

  15. i've been wanting to try BB blush — that color looks gorgeous!!

  16. BB blush is my absolute favorite!