Chris and I filmed a VLOG!

Good morning you guys! Chris and I filmed our first vlog last week while we were in Ocean Isle so I’m really excited to share it with you today! It’s a “real life” video so I don’t have much makeup on and we just kinda filmed stuff as we were doing it. It’s a little bit of an “experiment” since I don’t know if you guys like those kinds of videos or not… so let me know your thoughts!

I’m also sharing a few of the outfits I wore as well (you’ll see all of these in the video), but scroll all the way down to the bottom of this post or visit my YouTube channel to watch the video 🙂

Black bikini top (only $20!) // Brixton straw hat // jean shorts // Rayban sunglasses

Lilly Pulitzer cover-up // Brixton straw hat // starfish earrings // white bikini top // bikini bottoms // TKEES sandals // similar beach bag (20% off with code SUMMER)

Lilly Pulitzer baseball cap // Forever 21 tank (sold out), similar here // jean shorts

Striped romper (only $20) // Shiraleah clutch // lace-up espadrille wedges

And now for our VLOG! Like I said, it’s our very first one so be kind hahah 🙂

Back tomorrow with a roundup of all the Memorial Day Sales <3

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  1. Cute! Can not wait to watch it on the weekend! 🙂
    Thanks for sharing!
    Xx Janine

  2. Bobbi

    This was so fun! Especially that bird in your car!!

  3. I think the vlog is such a cool idea! I loved watching it. Your trip looked so relaxing and beautiful!

  4. Jasmine

    I literally just stumbled across your blog about an hour ago, I’m hooked! You are a gift and thank for sharing your beautiful life with us. 💕

  5. Delaney

    Love the vlog!! I absolutely want to see more!

  6. devin

    love the vlog! Which nepresso is that one?? Do y’all love it or wish you had gotten something else? I am trying to figure out which one i want to buy and wanted to see what you thought of yours?!

  7. OMG yay!! I love vlogs and videos are so fun and different. Love this dress too girl. It’s so cute!

    Juliana Grace |

  8. These are the sweetest pictures of you and Chris! They remind me of your precious honeymoon photos. I need to convince my fiance to take more cute photos with me. Your vlog is so cute! Loved seeing your beach home and the little touches you’re adding to it.

    Arum Lilea

  9. I only got about halfway through it last night- but it was soooo fun! Can’t wait to finish it today. I’m not the biggest YouTube/vlog fan normally but you are so genuine and make them fun to watch!

    xoxo A

  10. Definitely gonna give it a watch, I’m sure it’s gonna be super fun to watch your day.

  11. kathy

    Loved the vlog – I’ve been wanting to try that same Nespresso machine:)

  12. Melissa

    I think it is great to see you without all your makeup on. No need to even mention that you aren’t wearing any, you look great! Seeing the ‘real’ you makes you more relatable.

  13. Erica

    Loved it! I was super excited to see you had posted one! I cracked up about the back wiper! Thanks for sharing!

  14. Amy

    PLEASE VLOG EVERY DAY!!! So entertaining! I would be a loyal watcher 🙂 also I died at the “bird” in the car – I was totally convinced haha!

    • Omg you are so sweet hahah so glad that you liked it!! Idk why I always get nervous putting up videos!

  15. Abbie

    I was so happy to see you made a vlog!! I love watching your travel videos and I think this showed a whole new side of you! It’s nice to see your personality shine through! Thanks for sharing ☺️

  16. I loved the video! I always like to get an inside view in other people’s lives and you sound so sweet! 🙂

    xo Noor

  17. Amy Z

    You two are too cute!!! I LOVED watching this!!! It gave me a great feel for both of your personalities! And your both just as nice and sweet as can be!!! I also loved watching you switch stuff out with your Target purchases! I’d love to see more videos as you work on the beach house. Well done!!!

  18. You guys are the cutest!!! Please do more, it’s so fun to watch 🙂
    Xx Kirsten

  19. Love it, you two are so cute!

  20. Yassss! I just recently started following your YouTube Channel and loved your travel vlogs! Although I do wish to see more like in your blog posts, that way it gives us more of a visualization.
    I just started my Youtube channel too, but it’s more of vlogging my ‘bride’ experiences as I’m newly engaged!

    Instagram | | Youtube

  21. Brooke Summers

    Hi Caitlin!! I LOVED this vlog!!! I am a fellow Ocean Isle Beach/ North Carolina (Raleigh) girl and it was so cool to see all the places I recognize in your video!! My beach place is actually not far from yours!! It is so much fun to see how you decorate – I love your style and you’ve given me lots of ideas! Also, I don’t know if you guys have been to Drift cafe at OIB, but they have great iced coffee (it’s near Pelican’s by the traffic circle)! 🙂