Beach Bag Necessities

Hey friends!
As  you probably know by now, I lovee the beach – it’s one of my favorite places in the world. Nothing is as relaxing as lounging by the shore under the sun! However, the perfect day on the beach requires a little preparation…
and means a perfectly packed bag.
I picked up these two cuties from {mud-pie} last week:
The Tangerine Ikat {cooler tote} and {jetsetter case} are perfect for the beach since they’re both laminated.

The cooler tote is insulated for snacks and drinks you want to keep cool, but roomy enough to carry your magazines and a towel as well. Here’s what I packed it with:

{one} I have this summer straw hat from J.Crew and love it. The wide brim is perfect for protecting the skin on your face, not to mention floppy hats are always glamorous.

{two} A cute beach towel, of course! I love the huge ones made for two people, so you have plenty of room to spread out.

{three} Cheap aviators are a necessity for me! They’re chic, offer eye protection, and because they’re only a few dollars, you don’t have to worry about losing them in the ocean.

{four} A tumbler is also a beach must-have. Staying hydrated is important because it can get so dern hot! I love Tervis tumblers because they don’t sweat.

{five} A cute cover-up  is essential for walking to and from the beach. I always pack one in case we go straight to lunch or to the shops.

{six} I love filling my tumbler with Crystal Light! My favorite flavors are lemonade and pink lemonade, and they offer a lot of taste for not a lot of calories.

{seven} An adorable cooler tote to pack it all into!

Now that my big bag is all packed, I also carry a smaller case for accessories – my iPhone, lip balm, powder, etc.

 {nine} I use SPF 15 lotion on my body – it’s enough to keep me from getting burned, but I can still achieve a golden tan.

{ten} Your face is the most delicate part of your body! Protect from sun damage, wrinkles, and even acne with this Neutrogena lotion with SPF 30.

{eleven} A small insulated case to keep my accessories safe from water and sand.

{twelve} I love this translucent mineral powder because it helps beat shine and it also contains SPF 30.

{thirteen} I use moroccan argan oil on my hair after I’ve been in the ocean. It makes my hair silky soft!

{fourteen} I get bored easily, so reading material is essential! I pack the bag with my favorite magazines {InStyle and Fitness Mag}, as well as a book of puzzles and a pen.
Can anyone else work puzzles on the beach for hours?

{fifteen} My lips always used to get sunburned on the beach, until I got smart and started wearing lip balm with SPF. I recommend Philosophy’s “Kiss of Hope” because it has a pretty tint of pink.

{sixteen} A wide-tooth comb is a must-have for the beach hair tangles.

Whew, sorry for such a long post!
Am I missing anything? What are a few of your beach bag essentials? I’d love to know! πŸ™‚

Love, Cait

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  1. I always bring a big hat and lots of reading material. My iPod is always a must have too!


  2. Love the bags and that towel. Magazines are a must! What do you use to make your picture collages?

  3. Oh, I love InStyle magazine too! Definitely a must have! I bring my ipod too. And I agree with you about the sunscreen… at least an SPF 30 for me because I burn if I think about the sun. LOL!
    Great post, hun!

  4. I have to try that Kiss of Hope! Love your collection:)

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  6. Love it! Those totes are soo cute I'm going to have to check them out.

  7. i LOVE the insulated ikat cooler. such a good idea for the beach/lake. also you're a lifesaver because i've been looking for a place to get monogrammed tervis tumblers becasue sadly wisconsin doesnt have any cute monogram shops like the south!

  8. Great list and I am going to have to look at the tote and bag!

  9. I love that print! So trendy! I love to have my magazines and a good book. Maybe a frozen margarita too…:)


  10. I love Hawaiian Tropic sunblock, just because of the way it smells! πŸ™‚ Looks like you picked all the absolute essentials! Now if only I had a beach to go to…

  11. Love the bag and cover up! I have the same question as Christina, what do you use for your picture collages? New follower and excited to read more of your posts!


  12. You got a lot in those bags. So glad you are having a fabulous time.

  13. Great picks! πŸ™‚

  14. Anonymous

    Great list! Great minds think alike… I pack pretty much the same things, but my bags aren't as fabulous!

  15. My friends who live in the south (and therefore visit the beach much more frequently than me) taught me the trick of bringing a giant thin sheet, like a flat sheet off the bed, and using that to lay on – this way you have plenty of room and your towel doesn't get sandy!

  16. New Follower- You're making me SOOOO excited for Summer!!!

    thank you!


  17. cute! my essentials are a good book, towel, something good to drink, a camera, sunglasses, sunscreen… πŸ™‚

  18. those beach bags are lovely

  19. What a fun post! I am going to give your lip balm recommendation a try, I usually use something far less fun that has SPF. Beautiful beach bag as well πŸ™‚

  20. Oh so fun! Love all of the colors and the beach bag is super cute!

  21. I seriously need to invest in that Moroccan Argan Oil, I've heard great great things about it.

  22. Excellent suggestions! InStyle has to be the best magazine ever!

  23. I'm heading to the beach this weekend! I love Moroccan Oil too-I just posted about it today actually! Love the bags-so fun and colorful!