Amazon Kitchen Essentials

glass straws // glass tumbler // lemon juicer // glass food storage containers // Vitamix blender // vegetable chopper // glass coffee mugs // Cuisinart knives // reusable storage bags // glass jars // stainless steel utensils

Today I wanted to round up some of our most-used kitchen items… all from Amazon! You’ve probably already seen a lot of these on my instastories, especially our Vitamix blender – that is without a doubt my #1 kitchen item! I use it for making smoothies, dips, sauces, even soups (it’s so powerful that the friction actually heats and cooks the soup). We also love our glass food storage containers since we try to avoid ALL plastic in our kitchen! These containers are great for meal prepping or storing leftovers. And I can’t get through this post without mentioning these Cuisinart knives – they look beautiful sitting out in our kitchen, AND the knives are actually really high-quality. We’ve gotten so much use out of this set, the knives have stayed sharp for two years now, and we also love having a pair of scissors that’s easily accessible as well.

LMK if you have any kitchen favorites from Amazon!

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  1. I’m looking for these glass mugs, I think they are so chic!!
    Miki x

  2. I am trying SO hard to reduce plastic in my life. Your post just reminded me of the fact that I have been meaning to switch out my plastic tupperware for brand new ones made of glass; especially for reheating purposes. I’ll definitely look into the ones you linked in this post! Thanks so much for the rec!


  3. I love these kitchen finds! I have so many kitchen appliances and suggest a pressure cooker and air fryer!

  4. The rose colors are so pretty. Great picks!

    Hope you have a great weekend.


  5. Laura Leigh

    just switched over to food storage containers in our pantry and I am obsessed! think I’ll grab the glass ones you suggested for a few extra!

    xo Laura Leigh

  6. All of these products are gorgeous, Caitlin! I love the glass storage containers and the tumblr!

    Make Life Marvelous