10 New Hobbies to Start During Social Distancing

How is everyone doing? Hanging in there? My friend and I were texting yesterday about some new hobbies we could pick up while we’re all at home, and I thought I would share some of the ideas we had! I’ve been getting a little bored at home, there’s only so much cleaning and dog cuddling you can do haha! Here’s a list of 10 new hobbies you could pick up if you’re bored:

1. Take up reading

Getting lost in a really good book is the perfect way to escape reality for a little bit. You can join my book club or check out one of my book review posts to get started on finding the perfect book for you. I personally find thrillers to be really gripping and “pull me out” of my own life for a little bit.

2. Make a Scrapbook

If you’re like me, you probably have thousands of digital pictures of friends and family from throughout the years on your phone and computer. You’re going to wish you had a physical copy of those someday! You could either design a digital photo book and have it printed and delivered to your doorstep, or order prints and create your own scrapbook from things you already have at home. Some scrapbook theme ideas include your first year of marriage, your daughter’s first five years, family beach vacations, etc. I personally want to create a photo book with all of our wedding pictures so I can keep it out on our coffee table!

3. Start an Indoor/Outdoor Herb Garden

Imagine cooking something in your kitchen, and running to your very own herb garden to snip a piece of basil for your meal! You can start with this organic home garden kit for beginners, which includes all the things you need to grow basil, cilantro, parsley, thyme and sage. If you really want to get fancy, you could order a vertical herb planter like this cute one and keep it in your house or on your outdoor patio. Set little alarms and reminders for yourself so you don’t forget to water your plants!

4. Start Coloring

Did you know they make coloring books for adults? Coloring is so therapeutic and a great way to calm your anxiety. Check out this coloring book and this one, both available on Amazon Prime.

5. Become a Runner

Now is the perfect time to become a runner. It doesn’t happen overnight, you have to train and dedicate a lot of time to it! Check out this New York Times guide on how to start running – there are some really great tips for picking a comfortable shoe to starting with the run-walk method. Even better, sign up for a race in the future that you want to run in for extra motivation.

6. Learn to Cook

Since most of us are stuck in our homes, now is the perfect time to learn how to cook (or bake!). Start with some simple recipes to increase your confidence (these are all super simple and contain less than six ingredients). There are also a TON of videos on YouTube showing basic cooking skills and also walking you through recipes. Although cooking can seem intimidating, I think it’s really empowering when you make an awesome meal!

7. Become a Yogi

Yoga is known for calming your body and your mind, so now is the perfect time to try it out. Yoga also helps your balance, flexibility and core strength, and you don’t need any fancy equipment. If you don’t even own a yoga mat – that’s okay! Start out by putting a towel on the floor or try it on a comfy rug or piece of carpet. I really like Yoga with Adrienne on YouTube – scroll through a few of her videos and pick some for beginners!

8. Learn a New Language

Even though we all had to cancel/postpone our spring and summer trips, you can still prepare for future trips by learning a new language. For instance, I plan to visit Italy again in the future and I would love to converse better with the locals while I’m there! There are a lot of language podcasts and Internet courses you can take to help you learn.

9. Start a Blog

I might be biased, but a blog is a wonderful hobby to start during this time! Pick something you’re really passionate about – it could be books, cooking, gardening, traveling, your dog, etc. – and get started! You could also just write about your daily life, it’s a great way for family and friends to keep up with you since we can’t see each other in person right now. I started out by creating a free blog on blogger.com and highly recommend it.

10. Write a Short Story

Try your hand at being a novelist by writing your own work of fiction (or nonfiction, if you choose!). I was a creative writing minor in college and used to write short stories all the time – it’s a great way to pass the time and is also a workout for your brain. And who knows, you could discover a hidden talent and write a best-seller!! This is a great list of tips on how to get started writing a short story.

Have you guys started any new hobbies during this time? I’d love to hear, let me know in the comment section!

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  1. leia

    hi caitlin,
    i love the post! im getting so bored during this long quarantine period! will definitely take up one of these hobbies, i think im going to do a yoga class soon. they sound very relaxing. have a great day!

    xo leia

  2. Christina1980

    Love these ideas! I’m hoping to start a mini fruit/veggie garden in our backyard to supply us with fresh produce and reduce the number of grocery store visits!

  3. With a lot more downtime than before, I’ve managed to read through a few books. I’ve also taken up leaning Italian and polishing my Spanish. What’s happenin around the world sucks, but it makes everyone put things into perspective. Sometimes we forget to enjoy moments, try new things, and to learn and grown. Love this post, Caitlin. x

    Darianne | http://www.romancealacreme.com

  4. Jonita Ann Atalig

    What kind of equipment do you use for your blog? Camera? Lighting etc…

  5. Nicole

    I just ordered my first needlepoint kit! There are so many different canvases to choose from and something I may be able to gift one day!

  6. This is a cool list of suggestions! I definitely am enjoying have some more time on my hands to read again and I also started having a daily stretching routine and journaling!
    xx Janine

  7. Laura Leigh

    What a great list! I have been all about reading, indoor projects, and allll of the workouts outside. Need to try out more craft projects though!

    xo Laura Leigh

  8. I am working on my indoor and outdoor plant collection, it is such a fun new hobby!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  9. Meredith

    Some other great hobbies to try out:
    Hand lettering/brush lettering/calligraphy. You can even use crayola markers to letter with. There are tons of free lettering practice sheets you can download online.
    Cross stitching! So easy and so cheap. And so relaxing! Some companies will send you everything you need to get started.
    Decorating sugar cookies with royal icing. Very tedious but so much fun.

  10. Great ideas!!!! Thank you :-). One of my passions is cooking so I’ve decided to write a cookbook! Almost done logging all the recipes and ready to start with pictures!

  11. Alexis

    Thanks for the hobby tips! I actually have been using this time to go running more (mainly because it gives me a reason to be outside) and am making a list of hobbies I can learn or spend more time with while stuck inside. I used to write short stories and poems in college and your suggestion has me thinking this could be a good time to give it another whirl!

    Stay healthy and thank you for still posting – it’s nice to still have some consistency and normalcy 😊

  12. McKenna

    Love these ideas! Learning a new language during this time or getting into reading are great things to do, food for your brain!!


  13. Mary Beth Ivester

    These are awesome recommendations! Thank you so much 🙂

  14. love these ideas! having a hobby to do while home all day is soo important! coming from a stay at home mom. ha!

  15. KTE

    love it! I’ve definitely been running/doing yoga more and it feels great.

    in terms of growing your own food -http://lettucegrow.com is an amazing option! I discovered them last year and they make it easy to start growing your own produce in any space 🙂

    thanks for your posts!

  16. Beautiful blouse, you look great. I love your styles. 🙂 :*

  17. Patty

    Add to this list… Journaling, doing all those house chores that you just “couldn’t get to” because of kids soccer practice, work, daily living! Catch up on YouTube tutorials on makeup and hair, do a 1000 piece puzzle—White Mountain has some good ones on Amazon. Write a handwritten note to someone on beautiful stationary, just sit and watch tv.—flip though channels and catch bits and pieces of different shows with a blanket and big bowl of popcorn! I’m not loving this time, but it really is giving me the “time” I crave when I’m so busy otherwise. Slow down, enjoy your home, pull some weeds and just chill.

  18. Julie McCarter

    This is such a great list!! We have definitely been doing a lot more coloring. My kids and I like to sit in the sun (inside by the window) and color! It’s so fun!!! I have also been doing a lot more cooking at home and it’s been kind of nice! Now if I could just find the time to read more… a little bit harder to do with three kiddos!, lol!

  19. Jamie

    hi caitlin! I’m obsessed with this outfit. My family and I are doing a staycation this weekend and staying at a hotel in Kingman, Az to get a change of scenery spend some time outdoors. The past few months have been long but I love these suggestions. Definitely think I will be trying some yoga while we are there. I’ve never done it but always wanted to!