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Holiday gift guides:

I'm so excited to bring you my FIRST gift guide of the season! Every week on the blog I'll be sharing some gift ideas for the different people and family members in your life. For instance, we all know someone who is a homebody - loving anything and all things cozy and who prefers curling up in a robe with a mug of tea than going out for the night, and this gift guide is for them. Here are a few highlights from this gift guide that have my 100% recommendation:

Barefoot Dreams robe // This robe is pricy, but it's the SOFTEST ROBE I'VE EVER OWNED IN MY ENTIRE LIFE. If you were a fly on the wall in my house, you'd see me wearing it every morning and night! The material is so soft and cozy, and it makes a great Winter robe because it comes down to your calves, so it's very warm. It would make a great gift for anyone in your life, but I think my mom would particularly love this one. I'm wearing the robe in this blog post if you want to see a few more pictures. 

"Make mine a double" coffee mug // For only $18, I think this is a great and affordable gift for your BFF! I would include a couple packets of hot chocolate and some marshmallows in the gift bag to make it more complete. I'm not going to lie, I'm hoping one of my friends gets this for me this year ;)

pajamas & eye mask set // This gift is really cool because it's a sleep shirt and eye mask duo, and there are three different colors to choose from (check out the grey sleep shirt because it comes with an eyelashes eye mask that I think is adorable!). Any girl would feel like they were starring in the movie Breakfast at Tiffany's with this cute set! 

UGG slippers // These UGG slippers are on my personal Christmas list this year. I've owned several pairs of UGG slippers in the past and they are very high quality - the soles are thick (and perfect for anyone who has a dog because you can go outside with these slippers on and you don't have to change shoes!) The bow and pom-pom details on these really take the cake - they're adorable. 

Voluspa mini candle set // Last but not least, I would highly recommend this Voluspa mini candle set for anyone who likes candles! This is my favorite brand, and I'm guaranteed to be burning one in my house at any and all times. There are five different candles in this set (all in their best-selling scents) and it's a great chance for someone to try out the brand if they haven't before. These are more "luxurious" candles than your typical ones, so someone will really feel special if they receive this as a gift! 

We all know a "girl boss" in our lives - whether she's killing it at her first job or is a successful entrepreneur, girl bosses can be pretty hard to buy for! I've compiled a list of my favorite products that any girl boss needs to help them conquer the world. Perhaps my favorite is this commute clutch - the outside of it is monogrammed and looks like a normal, cute clutch you would carry with any outfit - however the inside has plenty of pockets to hold your cell phone, headphones, a power bank and even a mini iPad. I'm also loving these rose gold wireless headphones and this marble keyboard cover. Plus every girl boss needs one of these cute bow pens to write with!!

Six Beauty Gift Sets Under $50

Kiehl's Dry Relief Duo, $16 // I HAD to include this Kiehl's gift set in this post because these are some of my favorite products ever, and for $16 it's quite a steal. I have raved about Kiehl's Creme de Corps body lotion for a long time now... it's literally the only body lotion I use, and I always carry a small bottle of it with me in my purse for emergencies. It's incredibly moisturizing and not greasy at all, if you don't believe me, check out this blog post because I included it in my "Top 10 Beauty Products I Can't Live Without" list. In addition to the body lotion, this kit also comes with the Lip Balm #1 which has 244 five-star ratings on Nordstrom's website, so it's gotta be good. ;)
This beauty set would be great forthe woman who loves to pamper herself

MAC Snow Ball Mini Brush Kit, $29.50 // This little kit comes with a full powder brush, rounded shadow brush and angled liner brush, as well as an adorable little rose-gold travel bag for touch-ups on the go. I somehow ALWAYS need to touch up my powder when I'm out, but I refuse to carry around a full-size powder brush in my purse - so this is the perfect problem-solver. Plus there's room inside the case to fit some additional items, like a tin of eyeshadow or lip gloss. 
This beauty set would be great forthe woman who's always on the go

MAC Snow Ball Pink Pigment & Glitter Kit, $29.50 // This kit makes the perfect budget-friendly gift but it isn't for everyone: it's a darling little sequin bag filled with three mini glitters. These pigments are perfect for creating glitter and sparkle effects on all areas of your face, skin and hair. I personally would use these as either a highlighter on my cheekbones or to glam up my eye makeup for a holiday party. In person, the colors are GORGEOUS and so shimmery/sparkly. My favorite is the Copper Sparkle!
This beauty set would be great forthe woman who's always super glam

MAC Snow Ball Nude Lip Bag, $39 // This is one of my top two favorite gift sets! Nestled in a rose-gold clutch you'll find a lipstick (in Sending Love), lip gloss (in Iced Dream) and lip pencil (in Doubletime), all in complimentary colors to take the guesswork out of searching for the perfect nude-pink lip color combo. These colors are absolutely GORGEOUS on and go together so perfectly. Plus if you're new to MAC products it's a great chance to test out the formulas - I personally love MAC for their long-wearing, creamy, pigmented lipsticks. 
This beauty set would be great forthe woman who appreciates natural makeup

Burberry Festive Beauty Box, $40 // I have been dying to test out this beauty box in order to try some of Burberry's makeup products! This kit includes a mini mascara, fresh glow luminous fluid base in "Nude Radiance," a mini lip velvet lipstick in "Oxblood," and an eye color in "Gold Pearl." Everything about this kit is luxurious from the gorgeous packaging to the texture and creaminess of the products. The lip color is BEYOND beautiful, and I was surprised to find that I really loved the mascara! (I'm a tough judge of mascaras :)
This beauty set would be great forthe woman who likes luxury products

MAC Snow Ball Gold Face Collection, $49.50 // This one is the most expensive, but it's without a doubt my favorite gift set of them all! This gift set comes with a sequined pouch and a snowflake-embossed highlighter (in "Whisper of Gilt") that is seriously almost too pretty to use. I wanted to stare at it for hours (lol). You'll see what I mean if you get this! It comes with a short-handles brush that's very good quality and it works well with the highlighter - the highlighter itself is just insanely beautiful - it's so smooth and fine that it's almost wet looking. I apply it to the tops of my cheekbones or to the inner corners of my eyes. Also don't be alarmed if the color looks dark in the compact - it works well with every skin tone (including mine and I'm PALE right now!)
This beauty set would be great forthe woman who likes to stand out


  1. Thanks for the recommendation on the makeup eraser! Decided to snag one for my mom for Christmas. I think she will love it :)

  2. Such a great round up Caitlin! Happy shopping!

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