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10 Essentials You Need for Overseas Travel (Adapters, Converters + More!)

Good morrrrrning! Ever since my honeymoon, I've received a lot of questions from you guys about overseas travel - especially about adapters and converters, and what kind of steamer and curling wand I used in Italy and Greece. I did a lot of research before our trip, so I felt really prepared and didn't have any problems using technology or charging our electronics while we were there. Today I'm sharing allllll the details!

Read on for the 10 essentials I brought with me on our honeymoon.

I have blogged about these noise-cancelling headphones a lot in the past, but they are truly lifesavers for me on long flights! They work like regular headphones, fitting over your ears, but there's a tiny switch on the side that works like MAGIC - it instantly eliminates all intrusive outside noise (even loud plane engines and crying babies). I use them a lot on overseas flights to watch movies and listen to music, and sometimes I don't listen to anything at all, but it's so quiet that I'm able to go to sleep. Mine are three or four years old now - I'm not sure if they even sell the same version! - but these are the updated headphones. 

In addition to the noise-cancelling headphones, I find a silk sleep mask to be equally as essential on long flights. I have this one and use it for blocking out light to be able to sleep on the plane - plus, since it's made out of silk, it's really gentle on your eyes and eyelashes and won't harm them! 

I always, always, always travel with a large roomy tote. It has to fit two requirements: 1. big enough to hold my airplane essentials, and 2. feels comfortable on my shoulder. The Barrington St. Anne tote (pictured above) is the perfect travel tote because it checks off both boxes and it's really cute. The nice leather straps are comfortable on your shoulder (even when you're running through an airport trying to catch your flight - I know from experience!) and I love how the bags are completely customizable. You can choose the print, colors and monogram all on Barrington's website. For size reference, it is bigger than my Louis Vuitton Neverfull MM, which is great because I can fit more inside it while I'm traveling. 

This felt purse organizer is not just a travel essential... it's an essential in my everyday life! Not only is it less than $20, but it comes in a bunch of different colors (I personally like the beige because it's a classic color and goes with every handbag). When I'm traveling, this thing is loaded UP! In one pocket I'll have my portable charger, in another I'll have medicine, in another I'll have my sleep masks, etc. - the large pocket on the other side is even big enough to fit my Macbook Air. It really helps me keep my handbag or tote organized while I'm traveling - I know where everything is located and I have easy access to it. Even if you don't travel a bunch, it's still great for daily life. For reference, the size medium organizer is the perfect fit for a Louis Vuitton Neverfull MM.

I know there are tons of portable chargers on the market right now, but I think think one is the best - hear me out please! Most portable chargers come with two different cords - one for charging the device, and then another for when you want to charge your phone. This is SO ANNOYING to me - I don't want to carry around a bunch of cords in my bag and then try to figure out which one I need when I charge my phone! This portable charger (shown above) has a BUILT-IN lightning cable that you can plug right into your phone when it needs charging. It's also really slim and smaller than my iPhone (for size reference, my iPhone is the 8+), and it comes in a gorgeous rose gold color. I took this exact one with me on my honeymoon and we used it the entire trip, even Chris had to use it once when his phone ran out of battery - and we were using the map on his iPhone to find a restaurant for dinner. It was a serious lifesaver!! 

I always bring a zip-lock bag with a few different travel medicine bottles, like Advil, Tums, Dramamine, and some band-aids. I bring these in my purse everywhere I go, even in the airport and on any excursions. On the honeymoon, this little bag came in extra handy!! We ended up using everything we brought: Chris needed Dramamine while we were on the boat in Santorini, I had a bad headache one night and needed Advil, and Chris needed band-aids because his shoes gave him blisters. I highly recommend putting together a little bag like this, with whatever medicine you think you could possibly need! 

Now for the fun stuff! (lol) You will definitely need an adapter plug while traveling overseas. Every foreign country has different outlets, so you won't be able to plug any of your American devices in without an adapter. An adapter doesn't change the voltage, it only allows a dual-voltage appliance to be plugged into the wall outlet of another country. Look at your devices: most cell phone, laptop and tablet chargers are dual-voltage and work perfectly with an adapter (if your device says "120-240V," then you can use the product with the adapter). I bought one of these 3-packs and they were perfect for our honeymoon travels and we ended up using the same plugs the entire time in both Greece and Italy. I used this adapter for charging my phone, laptop, and even for using my curling wand (more about that later).  

If you're traveling overseas, odds are that you will likely need a converter in addition to an adapter. A voltage converter actually changes the voltage from one level to another. If your device only operates at a certain voltage, you will need a converter to step down (or convert) the power supply in your destination country for it to work safety. Your device must be plugged into a converter to change the voltage to avoid overheating or frying. I bought this converter before the trip - the ONLY device I used it for was my steamer, which would have been fried if I plugged it into an adapter. More info on which steamer I used below!

I LOOOOVE my steamer and I don't go anywhere without it - haha! I think that it does a much better job of getting the wrinkles out of clothing than an iron does. I brought one with me on our honeymoon because I had packed a lot of dresses that get wrinkled easily (especially in a suitcase). Chris also used it on his linen shirts while we were overseas. This one is pretty lightweight and perfect for fitting in your suitcase - I think it's the updated version of the one I own - I can't find mine online but I bought it from Walmart a few months ago! 

 A lot of questions I received had to do with which curling wand I used overseas! This T3 wand is the one I use on a daily basis, and it worked perfectly everywhere we went in Greece and Italy. You will need an adapter to be able to plug it in, but you do not need a converter, which is nice. This curling wand is really nice because you can interchange the barrels based on the type of curl you want! I used the 1" barrel without a clamp in Greece and Italy (the image shown above is the 1" barrel with clamp). If you've been following my blog for long, you've probably heard me talk about this curling wand over and over. It truly is the best :)

I think that does it for my 10 travel essentials! If you have any questions, let me know in the comments. :)

Love and puppy kisses!



Friday, June 29, 2018


This blog post has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc.and Schwarzkopf Gliss. All opinions are mine alone. #BlissOfGliss #HairIdenticalKeratin #CollectiveBias

Happy almost WEEKEND, everyone!! I'm so excited to share some behind-the-scenes photos of my wedding hair in today's blog post. I wrote an entire blog post on beauty treatments I had done before the wedding, but I left out something major: my hair! The wedding hairstyle that I wanted called for thick, voluminous and HEALTHY hair, so I wanted to do everything in my power to make my hair as healthy as possible on the big day. The three products that I've been using faithfully are from Schwarzkopf Gliss™- their line of hair products has patented technology to repair your hair up to 10 layers deep. For several months leading up to the wedding, I did several things to try to reverse the damage my hair has accumulated over the years:

1. I used Schwarzkopf Gliss™ Fiber Therapy Shampoo and Conditioner FAITHFULLY!!! You can literally feel your hair getting stronger every time you wash it!
2. I applied Gliss Fiber Therapy Repair-In-Oil Spray to my hair after getting out of the shower a few times per month. If I knew I was going to wash my hair in the morning, sometimes I would spray my hair and put it in a bun right before getting into bed.
3. I tried to go as long as I could in-between washes. If I could get away with only washing my hair once per week, then yep, you bet that's what I did! (Don't worry, I took baths to wash my body hahaha)
4. During workouts, I braided my hair so that it didn't get damaged from a tight ponytail. 
5. When I could, I let my hair dry naturally, and used my curling wand as little as possible.

Now for my wedding hairstyle!

I knew I wanted a different wedding hairstyle... something romantic and a little boho. I envisioned lots of curls and loose tendrils, I didn't want a hairstyle that was "perfect" with every hair in place. I also knew that I wanted a partial updo - the Charleston heat and humidity can be pretty fierce, so I wanted a hairstyle that kept me cool, but also still looked like "me" (and I normally wear my hair down!). I gathered a ton of inspiration from Ulyana Aster's Instagram page, and asked my stylist (Charlotte Belk) to create something similar. 

She started by curling my entire head with a curling wand, seen below (Lindsey was doing my makeup at the same time! :)

She then ran her fingers through the curls to create loose waves. P.S. I love this picture because of all my pretty bridesmaids in the back!! 

Using tons and tons of bobby pins, Charlotte pinned small sections of hair to create this beautiful boho-style look. Before we started, I had given her a few instructions: I wanted lots of volume on top, and I wanted my hair to still look thick at the bottom, rather than looking like a braid where it thins out at the bottom. I think she did an amazing job capturing my vision! 

Next, she secured the headpiece (I had bought this one from Ulyana's site six months in advance). She wrapped it around my temple and wove it through the hairstyle, securing it with bobby pins along the way.

And THIS was the final product! I actually had more videos than pictures on my phone, if you guys want me to share them on Instastories or compile them into a YouTube video, let me know in the comments. The videos help to show the process of how Charlotte achieved this hairstyle. 

One piece of advice I have for future brides is to DEFINITELY have a hair trial a few months before your wedding day! I actually had a different hairstyle picked out at first, and that's the one I had done at my trial. My mom and I took a BUNCH of photos of the hairstyle so that I could see how it looked from all angles. During the moment, I thought I really liked it, but once I looked back at pictures I realized that I actually didn't like it and wanted to change a lot about it! So please, please have a hair trial beforehand because you might end up changing your mind :) 

Overall, I am so so so happy with how my hair turned out! It was everything I had ever dreamed of, and on top of that, it stayed put the ENTIRE night! Even after a solid two hours of dancing, haha! If you're getting married in the Charleston area, I highly recommend Charlotte Belk. AND if you're looking to whip your hair into shape, I highly recommend Gliss products! I truly credit them for transforming my hair and making it healthier and shinier than it ever has been for my wedding day.

I think that's about it, let me know if you have any questions in the comments! I'll leave you with these two sneak peek wedding photos ;)



Thursday, June 28, 2018

The Most Flattering Midi Dress (Ever!)

Mimi Chica midi dress // straw bag (back in stock!!) 
Stuart Weitzman shoes, similar HERE & HERE // MAC lipstick in "flamingo"

This midi dress is so flattering for every body type - I've worn it several times since I first got it a few weeks ago! Not only is the color really pretty, but the tie is flattering to your bust and the midi length is elongating for your legs. I have to wear it with heels since I'm pretty short (5'3) but if you're taller then you could definitely pull it off with flats. It's the perfect dress for weekends or date night ;) Also - my straw bag is BACK IN STOCK!! It's been my go-to bag this summer so I had to let y'all know.

There will be a really fun WEDDING post up tomorrow so check back in the A.M.!



Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Book Review (Round Nine)

Good morning, everyone! I'm so happy to be back this morning with a BOOK REVIEW! During the last few months of wedding planning, I didn't have time to read at all... and the few times that I did try, I kept getting distracted by my thoughts. Since the wedding, though, I've been reading up a STORM! Two of these I would consider the best books I've read in 2018. Yup I said it, they're that good! Let's get started. 

1. THE FRENCH GIRL by Lexie Elliott
By far the best book I've read all year! "The French Girl" pulled me in immediately and kept me turning page after page to find out what was going to happen next. It's a suspense/thriller novel, but the author Lexie Elliott does an amazing job of building dynamic characters... I felt every single emotion along with the protagonist, Kate. Here's the gist: the story takes place in current day London, where Kate receives a phone call from college friend Tom about the French police re-opening up a case about a missing person; an acquaintance that they met during a vacation in France - a French girl named Severine. The problem is, Kate, her boyfriend Seb, and her friends Lara, Tom, Theo and Caro were all the last people to see Severine. As the investigation begins, loyalties are tested and secrets from the past are revealed, and somehow Kate finds herself at the center of it all, and the main suspect for Severine's murder. This novel is truly brilliant: I LOVED Kate and was able to relate to her in a lot of different ways, the ending was spectacular, AND there's even a little romance in this book (my favorite part, actually!).

2. BRING ME BACK by B.A. Paris
This novel is tied with "The French Girl" for best book of the year - B.A. Paris has come to be one of my favorite authors and this novel did not disappoint. I read this one on our honeymoon in two days (mostly poolside, haha). British couple Finn and his girlfriend Layla are on their way home from a vacation in France when he pulls into a dimly lit area late at night to use the restroom. When he returns to the car, Layla is nowhere to be found. Fast forward 12 years later, and Finn has moved on with his life - in fact, he's now in a relationship with Layla's sister Ellen and they're living happily together in a picturesque Cotswold village. Knowing how B.A. Paris's previous books played out, I knew early on that this idyllic situation wasn't going to last! Especially when someone contacts Finn by email, claiming to be Layla. This book is SPOOKY and also had me questioning everything - the tension began on page one and didn't let up until the last page of the novel. Five stars from me!

I was sooo excited to read the latest novel by Ruth Ware, as I have absolutely loved her novels in the past; however, this one left me sorely disappointed. Ware writes in the style of a gothic mystery - I got the feeling that she was trying to write a modern-day "Rebecca" (one of my favorite books), but she missed the mark. The main character, Hal, is a tarot card reader who is in serious financial distress, with threatening men often showing up at her job and on her doorstep demanding for money. So it's no surprise that when she receives a mysterious letter inviting her to Trespassen House to receive a substantial inheritance, she accepts, even though she is certain that the letter was not intended for her.  She arrives at Trespassen House to find a dark and creepy mansion with an old, even creepier caretaker, the perfect setting for a gothic mystery. However, the plot really fell short for me - I kept waiting for something major to happen, but I waited until the end of the book and it never really came. I also had a problem keeping all of the characters straight, they all seemed to roll up into one and it was really hard to differentiate between who was who, which I found rather distracting. And I found whole sections of the book to be entirely unnecessary, with several passages dedicated to the tarot cards and their meanings (which I was 100% totally uninterested in reading about). I recommend passing on this one, folks... if you are really wanted to read a gothic mystery, I suggest reading one of the classics - "Rebecca" by Daphne du Maurier or "The Mysteries of Udolpho" by Ann Radcliffe. 

4. THE NEW NEIGHBORS by Simon Lelic 
In this one, we follow the story of Syd and Jack, a young couple buying their first house together - although the house seems perfect for them at first, the owner leaves behind all of his belongings and the descriptions we get of the house are certainly very creepy right from the get-go. In addition, we learn from the opening scene of the book that someone has died right outside of their new house. Syd and Jack take turns narrating each chapter, telling us their background before they met and their lives together now - and eventually the events leading up to and surrounding the murder. This book had a huge potential - I absolutely loved the first half of it, but it went in a different direction than I was expecting, which threw me for a loop. I also found the ending to be largely unbelievable. It was entertaining, but certainly not the best novel I've read lately. I encourage readers to try this one for themselves!

That's it for me! Please please please comment below if you've read a good book lately so that we can all see! :) 


Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Travel Guide: Mykonos, Greece

Good morning, everyone!!! Long time no talk ;) I've never taken a break from blogging for this long, and I'm so happy to be back! If you follow along on my Instagram, you may know that my husband (eeeek!) and I just spent the past two weeks on our honeymoon in Greece and Italy. A lot of you guys were interested in our itinerary and how we traveled from place to place, so I'll be doing a series of blog posts on each location. To start with, we did not work with a travel agent for this trip. Chris and I did tons of research and planned everything ourselves - to me, doing research is one of the most fun parts of planning a trip! So yes, you can totally plan and book our exact trip by yourself without the aid of a travel agent. 

Today's travel guide is all about MYKONOS, Greece! 

To start with, I'm rounding up all of our Instagrams from Mykonos with a short description, but scroll down to the bottom of this post for an in depth travel guide, as well as my opinion on the difference between Mykonos and Santorini. 

The main pool at our hotel, Cavo Tagoo Mykonos:

Our first night in Mykonos we spent exploring Mykonos Town.

 blue dress, similar HERE // TKEES sandals in "cocobutter"

We loved hanging out at our hotel's main pool... they had a great lunch menu and the most amazing cheese plate I've ever had.

La Reveche swimsuit, comes in another color HERE, less expensive dupe HERE
// Brixton hat // BRIDE pom pom bag

There are flowers blooming EVERYWHERE in Mykonos! This shot was taken in Mykonos Town.

on Chris: chambray shirt // white shorts // pink shoes (only $16)
on me: striped two piece set (sold out), very similar outfit HERE // TKEES sandals in "cocobutter"

Another picture from Mykonos Town, taken right before dinner one night. You'll find white-washed walls and blue doors all over Mykonos Town.

 Show Me Your Mumu jumpsuit // TKEES sandals in "cocobutter"

The famous windmills of Mykonos, built in the 16th century.

 blue dress // handbag, similar here // TKEES sandals in "cocobutter"

Before heading to the beach club Nammos for the day.

tan crop top // white shorts // TKEES sandals in "cocobutter" // Chanel tote bag

The beach club Nammos. We had lunch at the restaurant first, then booked two chairs by the water. They waited on us hand and foot, delivering wine and ice cream whenever we wanted it! 

David Yurman gold necklace // cross earrings

More exploring in Mykonos Town! This picture was taken next to Philippi Hotel, a great affordable option if you'd rather stay right in Mykonos Town. If not, venture there for a photo opp! 

 blue dress // handbag, similar here // TKEES sandals in "cocobutter"

Enjoying the pistachio gelato at Hibiscus in Mykonos Town.

 blue dress // handbag, similar here // TKEES sandals in "cocobutter"

on Chris: chambray shirt // white shorts // pink shoes (only $16)
on me: striped two piece set (sold out), very similar outfit HERE // TKEES sandals in "cocobutter"

First up, I received a lot of questions about the difference between Mykonos and Santorini. Before our trip, a lot of people told us, "Mykonos is where you go to party, and Santorini is where you go to relax!" and we found that to be VERY true! Mykonos is a party town. There are tons of nightclubs and beach bars and it is not uncommon to stay out until 5 or 6 a.m. partying while you're there! Mykonos is also known for its amazing beaches, whereas Santorini doesn't really have good beaches, but it does have very romantic hotels with amazing pools and fantastic cliffside views. Between Mykonos and Santorini, I really don't think I could pick a favorite! They're both very different and unique in their own ways. My recommendation is to see them both, since they're only a ferry-ride away from each other. 

There are two ways to get to Mykonos: by land or by water. The most common route is to fly into Athens, Greece, and then take a 6-hour ferry from Athens to Mykonos. This option is a little more affordable, especially if you buy the plane and ferry tickets far in advance. The other option (and the one that Chris and I preferred) is to fly directly into Mykonos. The Mykonos airport is pretty small and there are limited flights, which is probably why it costs more. We took a direct flight from Charlotte to London (it was a red-eye flight so we slept most of the time), then we took another three-hour flight from London to Mykonos. We chose to do this because of the convenience factor... we wanted to arrive in Mykonos as quickly as possible and didn't want to board a ferry once we had landed in Greece! We arranged transportation with our hotel beforehand, so they were waiting for us at the airport once we arrived. From there, it was only a 10 minute drive to our hotel.

If you do decide to visit Mykonos, take my advice and pick a hotel near Mykonos Town - it is the heart of Mykonos and it's absolutely beautiful - that's where you'll find amazing restaurants as well as the famous white-washed walls, blue doors, blooming flowers and LOTS of photo opps. If you're looking for an affordable option, there are lots of cute vacation rentals in Mykonos Town. My friends recently stayed at Philippi Hotel and they loved it - it's a charming little hotel right in the center of Mykonos Town surrounded by shops and restaurants, plus it's very affordable. 

Chris and I chose to stay at Cavo Tagoo Mykonos and we absolutely loved everything about it, from the elaborate (and free) breakfast buffet to the floating pool beds at the main pool. My advice would be to book FAR in advance and save money by booking one of the "Classic Rooms." Chris and I booked the Honeymoon Suite, but when we arrived they told us that they had "upgraded" us to the Golden Suite, which was a nice room but didn't look nearly as nice as the one I had originally booked. In the end, we were hardly in our room AT ALL - there is so much to do in Mykonos, from walking around town, eating out, visiting the beaches and beach clubs, and laying out by the main pool, that we felt bad for spending so much money on the room and then not spending time in it at all. (Side note: we DID stay in our room in Santorini for most of the trip, so save your money in Mykonos and splurge on a nice room in Santorini!) The main thing that we really loved about Cavo Tagoo is that it's only a 5-minute drive from Mykonos Town. There's a free shuttle that runs 24 hours a day between the hotel and Mykonos Town - we took advantage of the shuttle multiple times a day, heading into town for lunch beside the water, and then back to eat dinner and catch the sunset. If you choose to stay at Cavo Tagoo, definitely make use of the free breakfast buffet! Chris and I didn't realize that it was complimentary at first - and then pigged out when we found out it was, haha! The breakfast spread is out of this world - every fresh fruit you can imagine, delicious Greek yogurt, dozens and dozens of muffins and pastries, eggs and breakfast meats, there's even a juice bar where they have freshly squeezed juice from exotic fruits. And the restaurant looks right out over the water with a truly breathtaking view. Chris and I spent a lot of time there, and next door at the main pool. It was incredibly relaxing to lay out on the floating pool beds, and they will bring water, drinks and lunch right to your bed. 

We were not surprised to find that we LOVED the food in Mykonos. We stuffed ourselves on tzatziki, fresh fish, feta cheese, and lots and lots of olives. Every single meal we had was delicious!

  • Pepper Mykonos: Situated right in Mykonos Town, this little cafe is the perfect spot for lunch, just grab a table on the street (it's also the perfect place for people watching). I ordered zucchini balls, which are pretty hard to describe but literally melt-in-your mouth amazing (just trust me and order them). Chris had a chicken souvlaki gyro, which he loved and demolished :) 
  • Nice N Easy: We had the best tzatziki dip in all of Greece at this restaurant. Just thinking about it now makes my mouth water!
  • Cavo Tagoo: Even if you aren't staying at this hotel, it's worth it to visit for appetizers and order a few cocktails and their cheese plate. We thought their cheese was amazing - even better than the cheese in Italy! 
  • Nammos: Nammos is both a restaurant and a beach club. We visited one day for lunch and, although it was expensive, it was delicious. We ordered calamari, grilled vegetables and zucchini fries. We regretted not ordering fish - we watched the waiter bring out a cooked fish and debone it right in front of the table - how fresh can you get!?
  • Nice N Easy: The best meal that we ate in Mykonos, and maybe even our entire trip! Nice N Easy serves only organic, locally sourced food - I had the Cilantro Kale Pesto Tagliatelle and Chris ordered some sort of gyro - we both oohed and ahhed over our meals, finishing every last bite. Definitely make a reservation ahead of time - book at 7 p.m. and ask for a table beside the water (it's the perfect place to watch the sunset).
  • M-Eating: This was another one of our favorite restaurants in Mykonos! Make a reservation for one of the outside tables (great for people-watching). Chris and I both ordered fish and it was to-die-for, along with honey pie for dessert.
  • Mamalouka: This restaurant is nestled in Mykonos Town under a ceiling of blooming flowers, even if the food wasn't amazing, I would still go here for the amazing atmosphere! But don't worry, the food is delicious too (and be sure to order the fried feta for an appetizer).
  • Pasta Fresca: If you want a break from Greek food, this restaurant serves authentic Italian pasta dishes that rival Italy's.
  • Scorpios: Scorpios is actually a beach club but has a nice restaurant too - be warned because this place turns into a crazy party at night, especially on Sundays and Tuesdays. We went here for dinner one night with some friends, and the food and drinks were delicious!
  • Caprice: If you're looking for a chill place to watch the sunset, Caprice is for you. The cocktails are amazing and it has a good view of the Mykonos windmills.
  • Scorpios: If you're looking for a crazy beach party with an amazing DJ, definitely venture to Scorpios. We went for dinner one night, and watched as the whole place turned into a dance party. The decor is amazing, I wish we had been able to visit during the day and take advantage of their lounge chairs on the beach! We heard that their biggest parties are on Tuesday and Sunday nights.
  • Skandinavian Bar: During the day, this little bar in Mykonos Town looks very quaint and picturesque - but starting around 11 p.m. it turns into a WILD party! It gets pretty crowded and drinks are expensive, but the music is great and we had SUCH a fun night of dancing here. The party doesn't end until after 3 a.m. so make sure you're wearing your most comfortable dancing shoes!
  • Tropicana: We went here with some friends we met and it was SO much fun, we didn't get home until 4 a.m.! We may or may not have even danced on the bar! ;) 
  • Explore Mykonos Town (and bring your camera!). Chris and I had so much fun exploring Mykonos Town, we would pick little streets and venture down them, getting lost in a sea of white walls and blue doors. We packed this tripod to get some couple photos in Mykonos Town - it only weighs a few pounds and is easy to carry. 
  • Go to the beach. Mykonos is known for it's amazing beaches, and there are plenty of beach clubs to visit. We really liked Nammos - it was very expensive (we paid 120 for two sunbeds) but we hung out on the beach all day, ordering wine and ice cream to our beach chairs whenever we felt like it. We also heard Scorpios was a great beach club.
  • Watch the sunset from Little Venice. (Little Venice is a part of Mykonos Town) Mykonos had some of the most amazing sunsets I'd ever seen, definitely take advantage of them while you're there!
  • Visit the windmills. The Mykonos windmills are famous - they were constructed in the 16th century and are still around today - they also offer the perfect location to watch the sunset.
  • Shop! There are a ton of local boutiques, gift shops and art stores in Mykonos Town that are really fun to peruse. 

This wouldn't be a fashion blog without a recommendation for what to wear, right!? We found that Mykonos in June was pretty much the perfect weather - it fluctuated between 75 and 80 degrees every day. It was hot in the sunshine, which warranted a refreshing dip in the pool or sea. Definitely pack a lot of swimsuits (I felt like I lived in bikinis!) as well as cute cover-ups to wear to the beach clubs. The stone walkways can be a little uneven, so I opted to wear flat sandals every single day that I was there. These TKEES sandals (in the color "cocobutter") ended up being my life savers because they were really comfortable to walk around in all day and matched every single outfit that I had packed. As for clothing, I recommend light, flowy dresses and rompers. It gets really hot walking around Mykonos Town during the day, so you'll want breathable fabric that blows in the wind. If you want to match your surroundings, pack a lot of blue and white clothing! I wish I had packed a solid pink dress to match the blooming flowers (for a photo opp of course). Also be sure to bring a sun hat!

If you've been to Mykonos before and have any recommendations, let us all know in the comments!
And stay tuned because I'll be blogging every day this week :)



Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Cutout Minidress

cutout minidress // Chloe wedges, almost identical HERE

Alright, how adorable is this dress with side cut-outs?! I love that all you have to do is throw on the dress and you automatically look put-together. It has really pretty embroidery details on the hem and bust - it's also a gorgeous periwinkle color! I paired it with these Chloe look-alike wedges and my favorite Kendra Scott cocktail ring for a lunch date last week! :)

As you're reading this, I'm currently in GREECE on my honeymoon! It is absolutely beautiful here!! I'll share all the details with you guys when I get back home :)