Monday, December 25, 2017

Merry Christmas!!

Merry Christmas, everyone! Just a short and sweet post today to say that I love and appreciate EVERY SINGLE ONE of you that comes to this blog every day - I am more thankful for you than you'll ever know!!! I'll be taking this week off from blogging to enjoy some family time, and I'll be back to blogging on January 1st :) 

I hope that you each have a wonderful Christmas and get to enjoy some time with your family... and lots of time spent in pajamas!!!


Friday, December 22, 2017

Glam Ponytail Hair Tutorial

Happy Friday, everyone! I'm so excited to be sharing this hair tutorial today! Read on for the instructions on how to get this look with the InfiniPro by Conair 2-in-1 Stainless Styler. 

dress from LuLu*s

I used Conair's 2-in-1 Stainless Styler to curl my hair for these photos - the curling wand I use on a regular basis is pretty expensive, so Conair's 2-in-1 Stainless Styler is an amazing alternative (and more affordable!). Plus, you can use it to both straighten and curl your hair, eliminating the need for two different devices. Here's a link to a short video that shows you how to use it. 

Here are the steps I took to creating this hairstyle:

1. Start with dirty hair! Yes, I did not wash my hair before taking these photos - hair that hasn't been freshly washed will hold a ponytail better. If you need to you can apply some dry shampoo at the roots of your hair (this also helps create some volume!).

2. Curl your hair in layers. I clip up the top sections of my hair and curl the underneath layers with Conair's 2-in-1 Stainless Styler first, then slowly let down a layer at a time to make sure every piece of hair gets curled. 

3. Spray a little bit of hairspray all over - I normally don't use hairspray, but in this case it will help give your ponytail a little volume and will help the ponytail holder stay in place.

4. Using a thin elastic (I like these but in brown!), put your hair in a low ponytail. I have to look in the mirror and really play with the ponytail to make it look perfect! I like to put it in a ponytail and use my fingers to create some volume at the top.

5. From the bottom of your ponytail, pull out a few strands of hair (you want it to be about a half inch thick) and then wrap it around the ponytail holder. I use a couple of bobby pins to secure the ends of the hair, and I make sure the bobby pins intersect with the elastic band to keep it in place.

And that's it! Super easy. This would be the perfect hairstyle for Christmas Day or New Year's Eve... if anyone tries it out, please tag me so I can see! Conair's 2-in-1 Stainless Styler would also make a great gift - you can pick it up from Target :) 

Happy weekend, everyone!


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Thursday, December 21, 2017

Last-Minute Gift Guide

Calling all the procrastinators out there! You know who you are (it's okay, I am one too!) If you still have some last-minute gifts to pick up, here are some great ideas that are bound to make that special someone happy this Christmas.

A cozy sweater // All women love soft sweaters, and this twist-back sweater is both cozy and cute. The twist-back detail makes this one especially stunning! 

Oil diffuser // This oil diffuser is perfect for anyone (boy or girl) who likes for their home to smell nice. 

Gift card // Gift cards always make great gifts, especially or people who are hard to buy for! I personally would love a Starbucks gift card - and you can even have them emailed to the person you're buying it for. This website offers e-gift cards to hundreds of stores including Best Buy, Target, Uber, Gap, Sephora, Bath and Body Works, and tons more! 

Nice coffee mugs // Nice coffee mugs make an amazing gift - I have these clear coffee mugs and can attest to how high quality they are! And the best part is that they're less than $20.

A watch // Both men and women can appreciate a nice watch. I would pick this men's watch for any man and this women's watch for any woman. They both are really nice brands!

Kate Spade handbag // This Kate Spade bow handbag is what a girl's dreams are made of! Any girly girl would appreciate this gift. 

Headphones // This gift is perfect for the music-lover or frequent traveler. These Bose quiet comfort headphones are AMAZING quality and really block out the sound of everything else - even airplane engines (which is why they're great for travelers!) 

Perfume // Women love perfume, so why not spoil her with a designer fragrance? This Dior J'adore scent is my favorite, I also love Chanel No. 5. 

Beanie // This affordable gift is perfect for the cold weather - and double pom beanies like this one are super trendy right now.

High quality luggage // Any woman can appreciate a luggage set, and this 2-piece spinner luggage is both high quality and attractive. The set comes in FIVE different colors!

Portable hair dryer // I have this portable hair dryer and it's so powerful for how small it is! It folds up to fit nicely in any suitcase. I bring it with me on every single trip I go on!

One other idea (not pictures in the collage) is tickets; whether it's tickets to a sporting event, a movie, a comedy show, a concert, etc. Think about the person you're buying for and their likes/dislikes and favorite comedians, sports teams or musicians. This makes an unconventional but extra special gift :)



Wednesday, December 20, 2017

How to Make Your Bedroom Cozy for Winter

faux fur pouf // faux fur blanket // terry robe // oil diffuser

I loveeee making my bedroom feel cozy and soft during the wintertime! Here are my best tips for transforming your bedroom into a cozy haven:

1. Add soft touches
I love faux fur, especially in the Winter, and Nordstrom has an entire "Cuddle Up" collection with some great faux fur pieces for the bedroom. I picked up this faux fur pouf and faux fur blanket, both in a blush pink color, to add some soft and feminine touches to the room. They're both soo soft! Also, my new bed is a lot taller than my previous one, so Winnie now uses the big faux fur pouf as a launching pad to get up on the bed. It's pretty adorable! I'll try to catch it on Snapchat the next time she does it :) 

2. Hang string lights
One of my favorite things to do to make a bedroom feel really cozy is to add string lights! You can hang them up on the wall around the perimeter of the room, or get creative and add them to your headboard with a little clear tape. There's something so cheerful about these little lights - even when it gets dark early, your bedroom is still twinkly and cozy. 

3. Pick a scent
I bought this oil diffuser from Nordstrom in the lavender/thyme scent and it smells SOOO good! I like oil diffusers because they emit a subtle scent at all times, unlike a candle which only smells good when you light it. Mine comes in eleven different scents but I really love the lavender because it's very calming and relaxing, exactly the vibe you want in a bedroom. 

4. Invest in a soft robe & slippers
I love changing into a robe and slippers immediately when I come home - these bow slippers are made of faux fur and only $32! There's something so comforting about taking off your work clothes or even your jeans and getting into soft, comfy clothes. 

5. Switch your light bulbs
Switch out your light bulbs to soft white or warm white light bulbs: these bulbs provide a warm, cozy feel, whereas cool white light bulbs give a room a more energetic feel and actually make it harder to fall asleep at night. 


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Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Gifting for Her with Nordstrom

 Michele watch // Stuart Weitzman hiline boots, similar but less expensive HERE

Has anyone finished their Christmas shopping yet? I'm ALMOST done (there are a few orders I'm placing today!) but if you need any great gift idea for a woman in your life, check here: Nordstrom put together a whole list of items that any woman would love! I'm listing a few of my favorite things below:

"Butter" socks: These socks are $8 per pair and make the perfect gift for your mom, aunt or BFF. I own several pairs of these socks and they are SO SOFT and feel so good on your feet in the wintertime! Plus they come in really cute colors and prints. 

A cozy mock neck sweater: This sweater is a good price point ($40) and comes in tons of colors so you're guaranteed to find the perfect one to suit who you're shopping for. I have it - it's really soft in person (not itchy at ALL!) and is perfect for both cozying up by the fireplace or dressing up for date night. 

Silk pillowcase: You'll recognize this item if you've been following my blog for a while :) I SWEAR by this silk pillowcase! It helps me get better sleep at night because it's cool and soft to sleep on, but the most important part is that the silk fibers help protect your hair and skin while you sleep. You even wake up without pillow wrinkles!!

Stuart Weitzman hiline boots: I'm wearing these boots in the above pictures, and if you've been following me for a while you probably have seen them over and over again (I'm guilty of wearing them TOO much!). But hey, that's just a testament to how much I love these boots, right? They really are the best quality boots you'll ever find, and they'll last years and years. 

 Michele watch: This one is the most expensive gift on the list, so I saved it for last! If you have the funds to spend and really want to spoil the woman you're shopping for - THIS would be it!!! (Chris are you paying attention?!!? ;) This watch is truly one of my favorite jewelry pieces I own - it's classic and timeless and SO gorgeous - just look at those glittering diamonds. 

Check out the full gift list from Nordstrom HERE :) 


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Monday, December 18, 2017

My NYE Dress

Chanel lipstick in #145

Alright girls, NOW is the time to buy your New Year's Eve dress... because they're all on sale at Express! The fit and flare dress I'm wearing in these photos has elegant gold and white flowers embroidered on it and is PERFECT for NYE.... and it's currently 50% off right now! You can even find deals on opaque black tights and black pumps like the ones I'm wearing. I'm linking up tons of other cute sparkly and feminine dresses from Express in the widget below - and they're all on sale!

Speaking of New Year's Eve, what are everyone's plans? Chris and I plan to have a low key New Year's this year... we made reservations with another couple at a fancy restaurant in downtown Winston but that's all we have planned! I'm at the age where I want to be in bed at midnight rather than out partying :) 



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Friday, December 15, 2017

Metallic Sweater Dress

You guys already know by now that I'm a bit obsessed with sweater dresses and over-the-knee boots, and this one is no different! This sweater dress from NastyGal is SO cute, but most of all I love the tiny flecks of metallic gold in the dress! You have to see it in person to see how beautiful the details are. If you're having a casual New Year's Eve, this dress would be PERFECT! NastyGal has SOOOO many ute dresses right now and everything on their website is currently 40% off (+ free shipping!) with code 40NOW - click here to see some their new arrivals.

I'm also linking up a bunch of holiday party dresses from NastyGal in the widget below!

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!!



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