Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Cabo Recap via my iPhone…

For today's post, I decided to do something a little different than usual and share some of my recent iPhone photos from vacation. No, they are not the best photos in the world but they will give you a peek into our trip. (Psst. This is the LAST you'll hear of Cabo for a while, I promise!! Sorry if you are sick of pictures!)

Emily and I left for Mexico on Monday morning from Dallas, meaning we had to drive four hours in the middle of the night from Tulsa. By 8 am, we were in need of some coffee and sustenance! We were both really excited, though and couldn't stop talking about our trip. A scene from the airport…

Tory Burch hat // Vanesa Rey phone case // dress via ShopBellaC // studded sandals

And here's us waiting for the plane to take off! Can you tell how excited we were?!

Once we arrived in Mexico we were so ready to pick up our luggage and get to the ShopBellaC Casa where we would be staying for the week. However, once we got through customs we learned that half of the plane's luggage had been lost and never made it to Cabo (including ours). I couldn't find my luggage receipt in my purse, so I started having a panic attack at this point… I was in a foreign country, didn't have any cell service and was positive that my luggage was gone forever! The airport promised us that it would be delivered that night (they had simply "left it in Dallas" haha), so we said a lot of prayers, filed a lost luggage claim and then continued on our journey to the house.

I'm really sad I didn't take more photos of the house we were staying in, but it was absolutely gorgeous! When you first walked in, you were greeted by this spacious living room. The kitchen and dining room were to the right, and to the left were these amazing views… 

Gianni Bini studded sandals

Luckily Emily and I had packed swimsuits in our carry-on luggage, so the first thing we did was put them on and head to the beach. The coolest thing about the beach were these huge rocks all along the shore… when a huge wave came, the water would splash up into the sky and horizon. It was beautiful!

John (Emily's husband) even captured this EMBARRASSING picture of us on this rock! We were not expecting this huge wave, so our faces (particularly mine) are SO funny if you zoom in and look.

Thankfully our luggage did arrive that night in time for us to (quickly) shower, change and head to dinner. We had heard "The Office" was the best spot in Cabo so of course we wanted to eat there right away! We were craving some authentic guacamole and The Office didn't disappoint. The restaurant is right on the beach with an amazing view!

The highlight from Day #2 was visiting Señor Sweets for coffee and lunch. This Mexican latte I had was one of the BEST coffees I've ever tasted! I asked the waiter if he could make a pretty heart design in it and he brought it back with a whole circle of hearts. We were all starving and the food was amazing… I had BBQ Chicken Pizza because I was craving American food, haha! We went back another day for their gelato (which was also amazing).

Outfit: white off-shoulder top // embroidered clutch // tassel necklaces // white shorts // gladiator sandals

Day #3 consisted of exploring the city… this was the view we had from our street…

We also took a trip to Baja Grill for lunch. It was on the rooftop of one of the Cabo hotels and offered an amazing view of the city (I love the mountains in the background).

Here's what I wore to lunch…

Of course we relaxed by the pool some too! I'm obsessed with this Mara Hoffman bikini and the fact that it is on sale right now since it's the end of the season :)

Mara Hoffman swimsuit (on sale!) // Tory Burch hat

Our best meal actually ended up not being one of the fancy restaurants we went to, but just an authentic Mexican place on the side of the road called Frank's! I ordered a grilled chicken salad which came with fresh guacamole, grilled peppers and pico de gallo. And of course a "Coca-Cola light" to go along with it! They didn't have Diet Coke in Mexico, which was okay with me because Coca-Cola light was even better (don't ask me how).

embellished clutch // blue off-shoulder dress // tassel necklace // Sole Society heels

Emily and I both agreed that the highlight of the entire trip was the very last night. We paid a little old man $20 each for him to take us on a boat ride out to the arch (not sketchy at all, haha). He had a tiny little boat with a glass bottom and it was a BLAST! He drove us by sea lions, let us sit on the front of the boat like Titanic, and took us as close to the rocks as he could. I wore this striped swimsuit, one of my favorite bathing suits I own!

one-piece striped swimsuit, originally from LuLu*s but sold out there // similar straw tote (on sale) // Waiting on Martha elephant cover-up

Emily and I also tried out these Orchid Boutique flash tattoos for the first time on our trip! They are gold tattoos that look metallic on the skin. After the first one we put on, we were obsessed and kept wanting to put more and more on! They look gorgeous in person.

Our last day was spent (sadly) on the beach, not wanting to leave!

Waiting on Martha cover-up // Tory Burch hat // Zinke bikini, one-piece here // similar sunglasses

I will say, after being in such a hot place for a period of time I am ready for fall to arrive. My mom and I went to the mall yesterday and got hot Starbucks coffees and a pumpkin loaf and it was just enough to get me excited about cooler weather. Look out for some posts on fall transitional pieces and back-to-school essentials coming soon!


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