Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Like Mother, Like Daughter

On me:

Okay y'all seriously like my mom better than me so she is back for another post!! Haha ;)

Anyways, this post is all about what to get your Mom for Mother's Day… it's coming up May 11th, and it's always around the first of May that I start scrambling for a gift! With my mom, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree - we both like a lot of the same things. Take, for instance, monogrammed jewelry from Swoozie's! Swoozie's has a variety of monogrammed jewelry in gold and silver. I picked out this gold monogrammed tassel necklace for my mom this year, knowing that she would absolutely love it (and she does). Just look at the scalloping detail on the gold charm - this is a quality piece of jewelry for less than $50!! 

Oh and of course I had to have the matching monogram bracelet for myself - I just couldn't resist!

monogrammed tassel bracelet // monogrammed tassel necklace

The great thing about these pieces is that the tassels are interchangeable and come in a dozen different colors. Which could be dangerous - I want a different color for every outfit I own!

Y'all have heard me rave about Swoozie's before, but it's true - it's my #1 place to go to get gifts. They have amazing designer items as well as stationery, bags, jewelry, paper products, candles, and more.
Here are my favorite Swoozie's items for Mother's Day…

Have a great Wednesday, loves!

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Adventures in Texas

This weekend I attended a blog conference in Dallas, TX, and this was my outfit for the first day. I wanted to represent North Carolina and southern style… and this was the perfect outfit to do so. I fell in love with this white bow dress from ASOS because - duh - it has a big bow on the front! While it is trendy, it's also really classic at the same time. Girls who are attending the Kentucky Derby or Kentucky Derby parties… this dress would be amazing with a big, colorful hat! I also love that I could wear it with my Kate Spade bow shoes, because let's face it, I'll take any excuse to wear those!

After a long day of traveling yesterday, this girl was glad to be home. I missed Prince George (my cat) so much!!! He stayed with my parents while I was gone and I had them update me every day (with lots of pictures) on how he was doing. Yes, I am well aware of my crazy cat lady status!!


Monday, April 28, 2014

Romper Room

Photo credit: Brighton of Brighton the Day blog

Hello friends! Sooo I have mentioned several times that I am on a huge romper kick lately… I don't know what it is about rompers but I just can't stop wearing them. I think it's because they represent the best of both worlds… chic yet casual, dressed up yet dressed down. And when it comes to this ruffle sleeve romper, I quite honestly fell in love at first sight! The ruffle sleeves make a serious statement. I paired it with these nude Dee Keller wedges so that the attention stays on the romper!

One more thing worth mentioning… these nZaara sapphire leaf earrings. I normally wouldn't pair peach and royal blue together but in this instance it just works. You know? I LOVE the color of these earrings and have been wearing them with simple white t-shirts so that they really stand out!

Hope everyone has a great Monday… I went to a bloggers' conference this weekend and am traveling all day (I even have a four hour layover in Atlanta). I had a lot of fun, but honestly I can't wait to sleep in my own bed tonight!!!!


Friday, April 25, 2014

Instagram Updates + TB Favorites

Happy Friday, loves! I haven't done an Instagram update post in a while so I figured today was the perfect day for one. Here's what I've been wearing lately and happened to take snapshots of…

I have been on a romper SPREE lately, y'all. I couldn't sleep the other night and I ordered three online!!! What is wrong with me? They are just so easy - casual but chic at the same time. Meet my new favorite romper!

And meet my next favorite… (yes both of these were ordered when I couldn't sleep one night…and yes those are pineapples!)

You guys have already seen my Elaine Turner clutch, but how perfectly does it go with these bow wedges? I have a feeling that these wedges are going to be popular this season… they are almost too perfect. I don't think a shoe could be more perfect. Sigh.

Elaine Turner Isabella Rio Woven clutch // Kate Spade pink bow wedges // Happy Wrist zoe bracelet

Next, I wore this outfit on Easter. I love the combination of hot pink and mint. It's an unusual combo but I think it works! This mint watch from Poppy Boutique looks like it would be Kate Spade, right? It has the little gold dots and everything. But it's only $30!!

 Waccamaw Pearls bracelet // Poppy Boutique glitz and gold watch

Lastly, I got my nails done this week and went for something new… a white gel manicure with a gold glitter line painted across. You can't really see them that well in this picture, but I am in LOVE. Especially because I wear gold colored rings and bracelets all the time. It goes perfectly!

And finally, meet my new best friend, my Barrington St. Anne Tote. I took this bag with me on my road trip and it's amazing! It's great for travel because it's so roomy, but it opens up really wide so you can find everything easily. You'll definitely be seeing it in more blog posts in the future!

I couldn't end this Friday post without my favorites from Tory Burch right now. If you haven't heard, they are having their Friends & Fans Event and are offering 25% off EVERYTHING with the code FRIENDLY. These sales come once in a blue moon so I always take advantage of them! I am planning on ordering a bag but I am trying to decide between two. Shop my favorites by clicking directly on the item shown below!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!!

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Road Trip

Anthropologie sunglasses (similar) // Forever 21 floral tank top (not online) // Mint ankle jeans (similar)
 Photo credit: Emily from The Sweetest Thing Blog

Hello loves! I'm writing to you this morning from Little Rock, Arkansas. Yesterday my friend Emily and I drove in the car for TEN HOURS (!!) to get here from Charlotte, NC. Today we'll be continuing on our journey to Dallas, TX… so another four or five hours in the car! I wore this outfit yesterday because a tank and jeans are easy and comfortable for a long car ride. I actually found this floral tank at Forever 21 on Monday night and am obsessed with the pretty pastel colors!! They don't have it online, but I did find lots of cute floral alternatives (below).

I'm also in love with the GiGi uber clutch in the color "iris." Is that not the PRETTIEST shade of purple/blue you've ever seen? Don't forget that GiGi New York is giving away a free wallet with every $250 purchase! All you have to do is use the code PEARLS at checkout and let them know which color wallet you'd like.

P.S. The Friends & Family sale at Tory Burch starts today… get 25% off your order through Monday with the code FRIENDLY!

Happy Wednesday, loves!


Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Mermaid Perfume Review

Mermaid perfume review
Mermaid perfume review… best smelling perfume!
Mermaid Hair Shampoo is hands down the best shampoo I've ever used! It leaves my hair so soft and silky and my bf loves how it smells haha!
Mermaid perfume review

Ever since I was little, I've been enchanted by mermaids. I've always loved the mysteries of the ocean and something about mermaids, with their seashell bras and long, silky hair, just seems so romantic. So when Mermaid Perfume asked if I would review their Mermaid collection, I immediately said yes! I had heard a lot of good things about the line from a few friends (and had actually read about it in Vogue!) but I was interested to see if it would live up to the hype.

Mermaid Hair shampoo and conditioner are the best

Let's get started with the Mermaid No. 1 perfume spray and body oil. The perfume spray has a fruity, floral scent made of orange blossom flower - the same flower that Grace Kelly wore in a crown on her wedding! I don't know how to describe the scent other than "beachy." It's very light and not overpowering, which is good because perfume that is too strong always gives me headaches! I wore this two days in a row with no problems.

The Mermaid candle has the same scent as the perfume spray and body oil… it is also beautifully packaged and would look perfect in a beach house! 

Best hair products of all time!

Now on to my favorite… the Mermaid Shampoo and Mermaid Conditioner. I was most excited to try the hair products because - hello - what girl wouldn't want mermaid hair?!!? The hair products smell absolutely divine. As in the most heavenly shampoo/conditioner I've ever smelled (and I've smelled a lot haha!). The scent is similar to the perfume spray, except it's a little more coconut-ty and more what I imagine a mermaid to smell like. My hair is NOT naturally shiny (it's naturally frizzy) and these photos were taken after I had used the Mermaid shampoo and conditioner for the first time. I was really surprised because I could honestly tell a BIG difference in the shine!

Mermaid Hair shampoo and conditioner results

Another bonus - the ingredients in the hair products are all-natural (I could pronounce all of them) and the scent lasted all day, even after I went to get a spray tan later that night. I will definitely be using this shampoo and conditioner on a date night (your hair needs to smell good if you're cuddling with a boy, haha!).

Conclusion: I love all the products in the line, but the shampoo and conditioner are my absolute favorites and completely worth it! Has anyone else tried the Mermaid Collection yet?

Today I'm waking up super early to hit the road for a 17 HOUR road trip with my friend Emily! More on that later… wish us luck!!


**This post is sponsored by Mermaid Perfume. All opinions are 100% mine!