Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Introducing Ellen from This Hive!

Hi babes,

SO sorry I haven't posted in a week. I was having some technical trouble with my blog and it wouldn't let me post anything! Thankfully, I got it all figured out, so there shouldn't be any more trouble.

Today, I'm so excited to introduce you to the newest sponsor of SC&P! Ellen blogs over at {This Hive}. Not only do I think she's one of the cutest gals in the blog world, but she has the most adorable pups, too.

From Ellen:

hi southern curlers and pearlers!

my deepest apologies to the grammar enthusiasts who just read that (but i think it'd be kinda cute if cait referred to all of her followers as curlers and/or pearlers... #justsayin).

i am sooo unbelievably excited to be here today! cait's blog is one of my daily reads, and she just gets cuter and cuter with every.single.post. one of the beeeest things about cait's blog is that it is not constantly littered with guest posts (sorry to throw a monkey wrench in that), so let's get right down to business, shall we?

you can find me over at {This Hive} where i blog about all of the small and simple things that make my life beautiful... including, but not limited to: 

my super cute boyfriend, brian (we just bought our first house together in july!):
two adorable puggle pups:
a group of wonderful besties:
and some of my favorite wardrobe staples:

please come by and say hello! i cannot wait to meet you!
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Thanks Ellen! What are you waiting for?? Go check her out!

If you follow me on instagram, I mentioned a certain fabulous giveaway I would be hosting this week. Well it's going on tomorrow so be sure to check back! :)

Love, Cait

P.S. Thank you for everyone who wished me a good luck on my first day of work yesterday! It went really well, but like any new job, it's going to take a while to catch on to how things work (I'm still just trying to get used to waking up before the sun rises). Thank you again and I'll be back sometime this week with updates!


  1. adorable puppies! following you both now :)

  2. Yaaay I am coming over from Ellen's page & I am your newest follower! I love your style, somewhat envious of it!

  3. love the mini cross bracelet. where can i purchase one like that?