Wednesday, September 26, 2012

WILW: Steals & Deals

Hi loves,

It's Wednesday again... and you know what that means! Lately I've been finding some superb deals and I just have to share them with you. No, I don't spend all my time shopping. But hey, when a girl finds a good deal... a smart girl takes the deal!

But without further ado, I'm loving:

This bag.

This bag was 50% off at the Kate Spade outlet. My parents knew I wanted it and they got it for me to carry my laptop/papers in for work. Aren't they the sweetest? It's almost too pretty to use.

Leopard everything.

I also found this phone case at the Kate Spade outlet for a great deal. It's perfect for fall! The best news? You can get it on Amazon for even cheaper! Click {here}.

These red cords...

Which I'm wearing here...

And guess how much they cost?! $22.99. Yep.
Most comfortable pair of pants I own.
Please run to {Target} and buy a pair in every color.

Studded wrap bracelets.

{This bracelet} was only $7.99 on Ebay. With free shipping! I was pleasantly surprised... you can't really tell from the picture, but it's gorgeous in person and feels like real leather.

I've been wearing it every chance I can get.
What about you guys? Get any good deals that I need to know about?
Sigh. I can never pass up a good deal.

Happy Wednesday, babes!

Love, Cait

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Fall Wardrobe Staples

Hey loves!

Happy fall! I can't tell you how excited I am for crisp weather, cardigans, and the crunch of leaves beneath my boots. And, of course, one of my favorite parts about fall is the shopping... I don't know what it is about fall clothes, but they're so much fun to buy. This season I have a tight budget, so I've come up with a list of ten fall wardrobe staples that are worth the splurge. These pieces are classic, versatile, and can be worn for years to come.

{One} A classic {leather bag} will last for years! Black and tan leather go with anything in your closet. Be sure to choose one that has both top handles and a shoulder strap to make it even more versatile.

{Two} A luxurious and warm {cable knit sweater} is the perfect fall wardrobe staple. Pair this sweater with denim, black skinnies, colored cords, or even a pencil skirt, and you're good to go. The great thing about this sweater is you can easily change up your look with accessories. A fun statement necklace can transform this plain sweater into the perfect outfit for a night out on the town.

{Three} I've always loved a gorgeous {puffy vest}, not only for its chicness, but also for it's ability to keep you warm! Unlike a huge jacket, vests are easy to take on and off and are a great way to spice up your fall wardrobe.

{Four} I'm loving {colored cords} this fall, simply because of their comfort! The great thing about cords is you can wear almost any shoe with them: riding boots, pumps, ankle boots, or flats are all game with these colorful pants.

{Five} The classic cool-weather staple, {riding boots} can be worn with dresses, skirts, or skinnies. For different looks, try pairing your boots with tights in different colors and patterns!

{Six} My favorite trend for fall, {smoking slippers} are classically beautiful. Not only are they librarian-chic, but they're also super comfortable (a major plus when you're walking around campus all day). They're also perfectly acceptable to wear to work in place of heels! Your feet will definitely thank you.

{Seven} I love {black skinnies} because they go with everything and I mean everything! You can easily wear them to class, work, and out for drinks afterward. I particularly love them when they're tucked into boots and worn with an oversize sweater.

{Eight} This essential {cashmere wrap} is perfect because of its versatility. Wear it as a scarf on a rainy day or as a wrap with an evening dress - you can't go wrong with cashmere.

{Nine} Embrace the bordeaux trend for fall, because it's here to stay. I'm particularly loving {Essie's "skirting the issue"} for nails.

{Ten} Duh I had to add this in here! I'm NOT normally a coffee drinker, but there's something about sipping a {pumpkin spice latte} that gives me a warm fuzzy feeling inside (or maybe that's just the caffeine). Regardless, you'll find me with one of these in hand every day of the week.

What are your fall wardrobe staples that you don't mind splurging on for fall? I'd love to know!

Love, Cait

P.S. Thank you to EVERYONE who read and commented on my {announcement} post. Your messages meant so much to me and I love you all!! :)

Thursday, September 20, 2012


Just a short little post to announce that... I finally got my first "big girl" job!

I'm the newest Public Relations Strategist at a small marketing and PR company in Greenville, South Carolina. I just received the news a few days ago and am still brimming with excitement! The job could not be more perfect, and on top of that, I've absolutely fallen in love with Greenville. Imagine a charming southern town with beautiful architecture, fantastic restaurants, quaint shops, and a hopping nightlife.

In less than two weeks, I'll be making the move from Charlotte to my new city!
However, the job hunt DEFINITELY wasn't a cake walk.

There were many times when I cried out of frustration, certain that I'd never get a job!

And if there's one thing I've learned from my experience, it's this:
This summer I applied to dozens of jobs, wrote what felt like hundreds of cover letters, and went on several interviews. When I still didn't have a job, I was seriously starting to lose hope. I was restless at home and anxious to start a career that I had worked hard for in college. I began to think I would be stuck at home forever... and that something was wrong with me!

But God knew what He was doing.

I first learned about Greenville through my friend Beth's blog {Shenanigans of a Southern Redhead}. (Pssst... she's the funniest girl ever. Go check out her blog!) Anyways, Beth really encouraged me to look for a job in Greenville and gave me a ton of leads. It was a long process, but I simply happened to stumble upon this PR job at the exact right moment. Things began to fall into place, but there was still a lot of waiting involved. I had to rely on God so much just to get through a single day! God constantly reminded me that His plan was greater than my plan... and you know what? He was right.

If you're waiting for something to happen, are frustrated with your life, or seeking change, have hope! God's plan for us is bigger and better than anything we could have imagined ourselves. His timing is always perfect. My adventure in the "real world" is just beginning, and I'm so excited to have all of you along for the ride.


Sunday, September 16, 2012

Scenes from the Weekend

Hey babes,

Hope everyone had a great weekend! Here are some scenes from mine...

First up, I won a gift card to Swell Caroline in the LPF Mag Favorite Things giveaway, hosted by Lauren at {la petite fashionista}. {Side Note: If you haven't seen her blog or read LPF Mag, go do it now!!}

I got to pick out whatever I wanted on the website for $50 and had SUCH a hard time deciding. There were so many fabulous bracelets and statement necklaces that I wanted! 

In the end, I chose the {fifty-four bracelet} and {crystal studded bangles} and am so happy I did. How beautiful are these two together? I can't wait to wear them with EVERY outfit I own. ;)

Secondly, are you still searching for the perfect fall nail polish? Well, I think I've found it! I'm loving shades of bordeaux and plum and these polishes are simply perfect.

Butter London polish in {toff} and {queen vic}.

This is what toff looks like on my nails.

Third, let's talk more about my favorite color, bordeaux. Incorporating this color into my life makes me so happy, even if it's just some fresh cut flowers on my desk.

And finally, since the fall weather has arrived, I've been really enjoying spending time in the kitchen. Fall weather always gets me excited about making meals and baking up goodies!

We had some ripe bananas in our house last week and I couldn't resist making a loaf of my cranberry oatmeal banana bread... which I finished off this weekend.

This is seriously best banana bread recipe ever! Everyone I've shared it with loves it. Trust me guys, you need to make this ASAP. 

I posted the recipe on Greatist's website {here}. 

What did your weekend consist of? I'd love to hear!

Love, Cait

Thursday, September 13, 2012


Hey pumpkins!

Did you ever have an outfit that was so comfy, it was almost like wearing pajamas?

Well, that's kind of how this outfit is for me.

I'm not usually a huge fan of plaid, but when I found this shirt at Old Navy yesterday, I just couldn't pass it up. I would seriously sleep in it!

I'm in love.

What are everyone's plans for the weekend?
{If you're like me, it may include heading to ON to pick up more of these beauties}

Love, Cait

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Living Room Chic

Hey lovies!

Today, we're talking living rooms.

I've been on quite the "living room spree" on Pinterest lately. Maybe it's the classy coffee table books, the statement mirror, or the pops of fun fabrics that keep catching my eye, but I'm seriously crushing on some chic living rooms. Here are my essentials:

I'm loving these blue and white {ginger jars} that are popping up everywhere! My {coffee table} would definitely have a {tortoise glass bowl} and {pink vase} atop it, not to mention some stellar coffee table books, like these: {good bones. great pieces.}{domino: the book of decorating}{design sponge at home}.

My "big pieces" would include a {gold screen} and matching gold {starburst mirror}. This {sofa} is seriously amazing, and the only way to make it better is by adding a {leopard pillow}.

More living room inspiration...




What are your chic living room essentials? I'd love to know!

Love, Cait

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Monogrammed Charger Tutorial

Hey babes!

My morning was spent crafting this iPhone charger wrap from {For Chic Sake}. If you haven't seen this website yet, you need to check it out - it has tons of cute ideas for DIYs!

In this post, I'm going to go through exactly how I made these.
It's super easy and if you follow all of the directions, it should work for you!

1. Computer
2. Full sheet sticker paper
3. Color printer

First, download the pdf {here}. You may have to sign up for a scribd account, but it only takes two seconds. 

Make sure the pdf opens in Adobe Reader. {NOT Preview} This is extremely important!!

When it opens, scroll to the second page and highlight the first monogram. A message might pop up and say "Please Note: Click 'Sign' to fill out and sign this form." Just click "close." Then delete the letters that are already typed in.

Next, you can type in your own initials.

Type the first letter (lowercase) and the middle letter (uppercase).

Next, THIS IS IMPORTANT! Type the NUMBER or SYMBOL that corresponds with the last letter.

A … 1    H … 8    O … %    V … +
B … 2    I … 9     P … ^     W … {
C … 3   J … 0     Q … &     X … }
D … 4  K … !      R … *      Y … \
E … 5   L … @   S … (       Z … :
F … 6   M … #   T … )
G … 7   N … $   U … -

Then hit "enter," and it should automatically make all the block monograms look the same.

To change the script monograms, type your initials as you normally would {without the symbol for the third letter}. It should look like this when you're done:

Go to "Print," click only the second page, and voila! 
You can cut them out and stick them on your iPhone charger, phone, or anywhere else.

If you're still having trouble, try looking at the {frequently asked questions} page. 

Good luck!! :)

Love, Cait

Saturday, September 8, 2012


Hi babes!

If you've been reading my blog for a while, you probably know I'm obsessed with leopard print for this fall. I've been lusting over leopard loafers for ages, but since I'm on a budget I wanted to be smart about which pair I chose.

I found this pair of Nine West loafers at Belk... and they're perfect! They're super comfortable and they're on sale right now! Click {here} to get them for $59.99. I know Target has some for $20, but I tried them on and they're so uncomfortable that I knew I couldn't wear them around town without ending up with huge blisters on my heels.

I busted them out with shorts for warmer weather, but I can't wait to wear them in the fall with red skinnies and a blazer. Or black skinnies and a bright top! Oh, the possibilities really are endless. 

And P.S., if you're at Starbucks anytime in the near future, you NEED to try the new {salted caramel frappuccino}! Apparently they came out with it last fall, but I missed the bandwagon. Well, it's back. And delicious. And just trust me on this. ;)

Happy Saturday, loves!


Friday, September 7, 2012

Friday Fives + A Winner!

Hi honey boo boos,

Here's what I'm loving this Friday.

1. Organizing my jewelry

If my jewelry isn't displayed on my dresser, I'm sure to forget that I have it. Enter, the genius bracelet bar:

Similar {here} and {here}

I found this one at Marshalls, but there are tons all over the internet you can order. Now once I'm dressed and ready, it's so much easier to pick out my bangles! 

And while we're on the topic of jewelry organization, a few of you asked about my monogrammed jewelry box in my 

You can find it {here}.

Not only is acrylic incredibly chic, but it makes it so easy to see your whole jewelry collection.

2. Comfy maxi skirts

I wore this a few days ago for a mall trip. SO comfortable! I'm excited to transition my summer maxi skirts and dresses into fall looks.

3. Old Navy

I usually can't find much at ON. I always go in there with high hopes but walk out with empty hands! Well, that's all changed recently. Their new fall line is seriously killin' it, you guys!

I picked up the chambray top, a tunic, and a dress on my visit there last week. They look similar to J.Crew's blouses, but for a third of the price - you just can't beat that. 

4. New reads

Did you enjoy the Hunger Games? (Seriously how could you say no??) Well if you did, then you will love this new series by Ally Condie!

These books are addicting. I started reading the first one and could NOT put it down. I'm halfway through the second one now. They remind me of the Hunger Games because they're highly futuristic and engaging. 
There's a third book coming out in November, so get started now! :)

5. The BOGO deals going on at Ulta

Ulta's {21 days of beauty} is going on now and they've got some super deals for each day of September. The 10th (Monday) has been marked on my calendar for a long time...

It's buy one get one free Butter London nail polish!

I already know that {Queen Vic} will be in my cart.

And lastly, we have a winner from the Glam Grab necklace giveaway! 

Congratulations... Ellyn Frash!

Be sure to check your email :)

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!! Anyone have big plans?

Love, Cait

Tuesday, September 4, 2012


Hi sweets,

Lately I've been seeing dotty over a certain pattern...

I'm obsessed with polka dots! And it's a good thing, too, because dots are rampant this season.
{Especially in neutrals and classic black & white.}

Are you seeing spotty too?

Don't forget to enter my {Glam Grab Giveaway} if you haven't already!

Love, Cait