Friday, August 17, 2012

Hippie Pants.

Hi friends!

Have you ever had an item of clothing that made you feel like you belonged to a different era? 

Cause that's definitely how I feel about these gauze pants.

I call them my "hippie pants" cause I feel like a 70s baby in them. 
Gauze and wide legs will do that to you. Groovy?

And real talk... They're comfortable. So comfortable I kind of feel like I'm wearing pajamas.

No shame! I saw these pants and had to have them. I'm digging the fit, color, material, and even the fact that I could fit right into Woodstock whenever I wear them.

{Tank} J.Crew
{Necklace} J.Crew, similar one {here}
{Gauze pants} Eighty Sixty
{Straw tote} Tory Burch, Similar one {here}

Let's also talk about {this} sideways cross bracelet, from the Etsy shop "jewelsandnotes."
I've been wanting a cross bracelet for a while now, but my wrist is so darn small that everything I tried on looked ridiculous. But THIS bracelet, my friends, is adjustable! There's a one inch extension so it fits every wrist! Hallelujah :)

Lilly (Diva doggy) had to get in on the pictures, too. She wanted you to see her new haircut! She's my 70s partner in crime.

And finally, an outtake.

This was supposed to be a glamorous spin shot, but... um, I just look incredibly goofy. Does this happen to anyone else?? 

Happy Friday! What are your plans for the weekend?

Love, Cait


  1. I so want that purse!! It is on my husband hint list!!! :) Erica

  2. you are the perfect little hippie girl!! i love it :) & your jewelry. so so pretty!!

  3. LOVE the hippie pants!!!!! I need some for sure!

  4. YAY we both have gold sideways cross bracelets!! love them!

  5. Love that dress in your profile pic? Where did you get it?
    Plus, your hair is beautiful (jealous) =)


  6. so cute and i just love the wedges with the pants!

  7. love all the accessories with these vibrant pants. you look so fashionable! Have a happy Friday and be sure to check out my low entry giveaway ending soon :).

  8. Hippie pants or not, you are definitely rockin' them. And your pup, so cute!

  9. Oh, I like these! Your puppy is adorable, too!

  10. Those are awesome! I would totally rock those! I feel like this style is coming full on- my friend just bought a pair too!

Holly Foxen Wells


  11. This outfit is the cutest and those pants are beyond fabulous! xo

  12. I love those pants! So cute!

  13. you look so cute in those pants! and I love the color!

  14. I am IN LOVE with your outfit!!! I HAVE to have those pants!!!!

  15. You look amazing in those pants!! You have the perfect little body for them. I think I may be slightly too short to find any that would fit me ;)

  16. I've been looking for that cross bracelet!! thanks, you're adorable! <3

  17. Look at you absolutely killing those pants!!! Love it!! You are fabulous. Newest reader!

  18. i'm getting that bracelet :o And those pants do look amazing on you, and oooh love seeing your doggy in pics:)

    Love your smile!!!

  19. You look BEAUTIFUL in those pants, but I don't think I could pull em off as well!

  20. these pants are so cute! love how you styled them :)

    xo SideSmile,

    SideSmile Style Blog

  21. Love this cobalt blue!

    Jayme @ Her Late Night Cravings