Monday, July 30, 2012

Scenes from the Weekend + A Winner!

Hey lovelies!

Enjoy some pictures from this weekend... and scroll all the way down to find out the winner of the beauty product giveaway! :)

{Favorite pink tourmaline ring}

{Filling up my new recipe box}
Found {here}

{A trip to the Farmer's Market}

{Perfect name for peaches... Fat Boys!}

 {Saturday night ensemble before the baseball game}

{Beer at the Knight's game}

{Sunday afternoon essentials: striped maxi, mint nails, aviators}

And finally... the winner of the Apothica beauty product giveaway is...

Aubrey! Aubrey, congratulations and check your email!

Thanks to everyone who entered the giveaway, and I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!
I'll be back later this week to talk about exercise nutrition... and perhaps for an outfit post as well.

Love, Cait

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

What I'm Loving

I haven't done a "What I'm loving Wednesday" post in a while... so here you go :)

This week I'm loving...

1. Simple gold necklaces

I was so excited to discover {this} necklace the other day while running errands. I'm a definite gold girl, and nothing is more dainty than a delicate gold necklace!

2. Healthy Choice frozen Greek yogurt cups


Healthy Choice recently came out with a frozen Greek yogurt line. Oh my GOSH, y'all... They're amazing. The vanilla bean flavor is by far the best... it has a wonderful sweet flavor and a creamy texture that satisfies any ice cream craving. And they're only 100 cals each!

Please do me a favor and go get these immediately. You will thank me.

3. Tilly Maison lucite trays

Since the tray craze hit the blogosphere, I've been looking for the perfect tray. I think I've finally found it in Tilly Maison's collection on Etsy. How gorgeous and classic are these?

{wildcat tray}

{petite chevron trays}

{confetti blush tray}

I'm particularly loving the last one! I've been having an internal debate about whether I need one of these, or just want one. I mean, these trays are equally perfect for displaying pretty envelopes on your desktop as they are for holding perfume and lip gloss on your vanity. Definitely a necessity, right?

4. Emily Maynard's Stella & Dot earrings

This whole season of Bachelorette I've been coveting Emily's fun chandelier earrings. Little did I know... several of her jewelry pieces are from Stella & Dot!

{capri chandelier earrings}

{garden party chandelier earrings}

My Monday nights just won't be the same without you and your jewelry, Em.

5. Matching with Friends

iPhone users, beware. Downloading "Matching with Friends" can foster an unhealthy addiction to this game. You can't really understand the game until you get it, but it's so fun. Play me! @cmcoving :)

And finally, don't forget to enter my {Apothica giveaway} which ends tonight at 5 p.m. I'll announce the winner tomorrow.

Thank you to everyone who's already entered, and good luck!

Love, Cait

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Teal + Cobalt

Hey ladies!

I've come to two conclusions.

One: I'm obsessed with maxi dresses. I mean, how incredibly chic and comfortable are they?
I just want to romp around all day in them.

Secondly: I'm obsessed with Target. Which is wear I found this beauty!
I stopped by yesterday to pick up a few necessities and couldn't pass up this dress. Especially because it was only $30! I don't know about y'all, but every time I walk into Target I feel like I walk out with a huge chunk of my bank account missing. 

The dress isn't sold online, but it is sold in stores. It was there just yesterday {and comes in two different colors} so run and get it!! There's also a bevy of beautiful necklaces in stock right now, as well. Ohhh, Target. You ruin me!

I'm headed to a girls' night with some friends from high school.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!

Love, Cait

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Beauty Products Review & Giveaway

Hey lovelies!

You may have noticed that the blog looks a lil' different.
I was tired of the old look and thought it needed an update. I hope everyone likes it!

Anyways... I owe you guys a beauty product review & giveaway. 
Disclaimer: I got to pick out a few items from {Apothica} and they sent me them for free. However, I'm not getting paid to write the reviews, and these are my honest opinions. 

First item:

I probably spent two hours on Apothica's website trying to pick out the perfect pink polish. I wanted a ballerina-esque color to wear on my nails that would be classic enough to wear for years to come. Well, y'all, this is it.

This was my first time using Deborah Lippmann's polish {I wouldn't usually spend $16 on a bottle of nail lacquer} but OMG... I'm now obsessed. I feel like a celebrity when I reach for the bottle, and this is truly the perfect color, the one that goes with any outfit, any season. 

This is the color on my nails.
Because the consistency is a little thin (like most light polishes), I had to apply three coats to get the desired color. However, the polish has been on my nails for one week now and there are still no signs of chips or nicks, which is pretty much a miracle. The thing I love about this polish is that it not only provides a beautiful color, but it also contains biotin to strengthen and green tea to protect from damage. 

Conclusion: LOVE at first sight, or 10 out of 10. 

Second item:

I have a weird confession to make: I'm inexplicably obsessed with moisturizing eye creams. I can't explain it... I just love them. And after reading the RAVE reviews on this product, I just knew I had to try it out myself. The package says this product is for "dark circles & puffiness." Although I've never had dark circles, I will sometimes wake up with puffiness around my eyes if I don't get a good night's sleep. This product is PERFECT for those mornings. 

And the other mornings? I use it simply because it's so moisturizing. It soaks in quickly and leaves my skin soft and smooth. The area underneath and around your eyes is extremely delicate, and sometimes it needs some TLC! 

The thing I love about this eye cream is that it's truly "100% Pure." The packaging says, "No synthetic chemicals, no artificial fragrances, no petro chemicals, no chemical preservative or any other toxins."

The one (teensy) downside to this product? The smell... Because it's all-natural, it smells like an unusual mix of chocolate and coffee beans. I wouldn't say that it's a bad scent, but it just doesn't smell like the other sweet-smelling beauty products that I'm used to. Maybe after using it for a while, I'll get used to it? 

Conclusion: For $19, this eye cream beats other high-end products hands down. I give it an 8 out of 10. 

Third item: 

When I saw this product online I was immediately enchanted. It was originally created for Queen Isabelle of Hungary as an "elixir of youth" and has since been used by celebrities such as Victoria Beckham and Lily Collins, who swear by it. When I learned it's one of model Karlie Kloss's {favorite makeup products}, I knew I had to try it out.

This beauty elixir is a facial mist that claims to "reduce the look of pores, smooth the skin, boost moisture, and invigorate without leaving skin looking shiny." You're supposed to spray it onto your face before applying moisturizer, to set makeup, or anytime refreshment is needed.

Well, I truly didn't understand the significance of this product until I used it the first time. The facial mist truly is refreshing, and the scent - ohhh the scent! It smells better than any perfume I've ever used, an elegant, classic, ladylike scent that makes me want to spray it again and again. I use the elixir on my face after I apply my makeup (I use Bare Minerals), and it gives a natural-looking finish to my face. But heck, you don't have to ONLY use it after you apply your makeup. I've started keeping it in my handbag and using it when I need refreshment or a little pick-me-up. It's perfect for traveling, plane-rides, study breaks, and everyday use.

Conclusion: This product makes my life. 10 out of 10!

And now the fun part: the giveaway! 

Apothica, is giving away a $20 gift card to one lucky reader. If you're interested in one of the products I reviewed, the gift card will cover it (or something else you pick out from their website!). And, how awesome is this? {Apothica} is also partners with {SkinCareRX} and {Skinbotanica}, so if you win, you're free to use the gift card on those websites as well. 

Here's how to enter:

{Mandatory} You must be a follower of SC&P via google friend connect
{Mandatory} You must visit Apothica's website and leave me a comment telling me what you'd spend the $20 on!

For additional entries...
{+1} Tweet about the giveaway
{+1} Blog about the giveaway

Please leave each in a separate comment. The giveaway will close Wednesday, July 25th at 5 p.m.

Good luck!!
Love, Cait

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Rush Outfits

Attention, girls going through rush in the fall!

Want my advice on what to wear?

Check out my post on {the duchess of plumewood}'s blog today!

Be back later this week with some fun stuff :)

Love, Cait

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

22nd Birthday Recap

Hello lovies!

Thank you all for the birthday wishes via comments, instagram, etc. Each one meant so much to me! I had a pretty low-key day spent with close family, but I wouldn't have had it any other way. I figured I'd do a short recap post on my birthday because it was a fun one. I'll let the pictures do most of the talking!

Breakfast was my momma's homemade blueberry muffins... my absolute favorite!

After a lazy day by the pool, we got dressed up...

And went for an early dinner at {Cowfish}

Back at home, my parents surprised me with a pink chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream cake...

But the biggest surprise was their "theme" for the party...

"Southern Curls and Pearls!"

Yes... my brother and daddy have on blonde, curly wigs and pearls! My mom even has in extensions for the occasion. They're so creative and hilarious at the same time. Let me just say that the wigs were the main entertainment for the evening...

Oh, lordy! There was also plenty of present unwrapping... but the only thing I'll share with you now is this beauty right here ;)

Thank you to everyone who made my birthday so special! I love you all & couldn't have asked for a better day.

Hope everyone is having a great Tuesday! I'll be back later this week with a review & giveaway :)

Love, Cait

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Friday Fives... Belated

Hey friends! 

Okay, so I know it's Saturday, not Friday... but I didn't get around to writing this yesterday. Forgive me, and here are my Saturday Fives :)

1. I hope everyone had a fab Fourth of July!

My family had a pool day, then we hopped in the car to see the new Spiderman movie {Pssst, it was amazing!}. Afterwards, we had a cookout and homemade sweet potato fries. This year I also made my first attempt at an American flag pizza, and was extremely pleased with the result. 

Not only was it tasty {perfect for a sweltering southern evening}, but it was also extremely easy to make and healthier than your typical fruit pizza. See the white icing? Well, it's not icing at all... it's actually {Yoplait coconut Greek yogurt}. I swear, it tasted better than any sugary topping you could have put on it!

Find the recipe {here}. 

{via instagram}

I also painted my nails for the occasion and threw on a little glitter polish for the "fireworks" effect.

We finished the night by watching fireworks at a nearby country club. Perfect fourth!

2. Meet my new favorite tea

{Get gorgeous tea} is an herb tea specially formulated for clear skin. This tea is packed with antioxidants, herbs, and a secret ingredient: rooibos, known for its complexion-calming powers. On top of all the benefits, it tastes delicious! I love sipping on hot tea if I'm doing work or during the mid-morning lull. 

I found mine at World Market, but it's also available on {amazon}.

3. I've become obsessed with chic headwraps.

They're perfect for summer since they keep long hair out of your face and eyes.

I found my own version at CVS for a couple dollars.

The hair ties are from Target... they also make cute bracelets!

4. My new goodies arrived today from Apothica!!

I have been waiting patiently the past couple of days for this package to come in the mail. {Apothica} is my newest sponsor! I got to pick out some products off their website and can't wait to test them out. Their site has easily become one of my favorites - they sell so many top beauty brands and constantly have sales. 
Stay tuned this week for a review post AND giveaway!

5. Guess what tomorrow is? 

My 22nd birthday!

I'm so thankful to have wonderful family and friends to celebrate with. I can't wait! I'll save the details for the recap post :)

Happy weekend to you all.
Love, Cait

Monday, July 2, 2012

Sugar-Free Cleanse

Hey loves!

When I told you guys that I was going two weeks without sugar, I got a lot of feedback from readers who wanted to know about my experience. Well, I'm happy to say I survived... {but it wasn't easy}!

Let me start by explaining why I wanted to do this... because my stinkin' sweet tooth had gotten out of control!! Before the cleanse, I was literally eating ice cream every day. A cone from the drive-thru, a cookie dough sundae with my girlfriends {and so forth}... and it was all adding up. I felt sluggish and moody, and woke up every morning feeling bloated and gross. It was time for a change!

I decided to cut out refined sugar from my diet. If the sugar was natural and came from fruits and veggies, I ate it. The bad sugar is found in processed foods, fatty foods, and sweets... but it can be difficult to detect. Sugar exists in so many different forms and finds its way into our food through various ingredients. I was constantly checking the nutrition labels of foods to find out if they contained sugar. 

I had to memorize the above list of sugars. As a general rule, if it's processed, it's probably going to contain sugar!

A few days into the cleanse, I started having dull, throbbing headaches. At first, I didn't make the connection between the headaches and going sugar-free, but when the pain wouldn't go away I did some research. Did you know there is such a thing as sugar withdrawals? There can be several effects, such as headaches, sugar cravings, fatigue, and feeling as if you're coming down with the flu. While I didn't experience flu-like symptoms, I did feel more tired than usual. On top of that, I was really, really craving ice cream... especially in the evenings after dinner. That was the hardest part! The evening is the time of day that I usually treat myself to something sweet, and I don't feel "satisfied" until I've fulfilled that pesky sweet tooth of mine. 

However, it did get better! After four days of being sugar-free, the headaches went away. The sugar cravings throughout the day went away as well {although I still had them after dinner}. Instead of feeling tired, I felt as though I had more energy than usual. And because I wasn't eating a huge dessert after dinner, I didn't go to bed feeling overstuffed, and I woke up feeling hungry in the morning... which is a good feeling. After completing the two weeks, I had even lost a few pounds! I didn't weigh myself before and after {I use how my clothes fit as a gauge of my weight}, but I felt so much better in my clothes by the second week. 

So how did I do it?
Sometimes it was really, really hard to say no to sugary dessert. One thing that really helped me was tricking my taste buds into thinking I was having a treat! 
These are some of my favorite snacks... free of refined sugar!
Basically, any fresh fruit will do. It's naturally sweet, low in calories, and will take the edge off of that sugar craving. I also discovered that a local frozen yogurt shop {SweetFrog} carries a frozen yogurt that's NSA {no sugar added}, meaning the only sugar it contains comes from natural sources. While on the sugar-free cleanse, I filled up on fro-yo and topped it with kiwi, pineapple, strawberries and almond slivers. I hardly missed the sugar-laden version!

However, the real credit for helping me stick to my sugar-free diet goes to this:

and it's NOT ice cream! It's...


Sounds crazy, yes... but {this machine} turns frozen bananas into soft-serve ice cream. Seriously. You just insert frozen bananas {and whatever else you want... frozen strawberries, peaches, cherries, whatevs} and it tastes just like soft-serve ice cream. The best part is, you're tricking your taste buds - it tastes like ice cream, but you're really eating pure fruit: a low cholesterol, antioxidant-rich treat that is actually beneficial to your body. 

It tastes amazing and the combinations are endless! I've been tempted to eat yonanas for breakfast... or lunch... or as a midnight snack. I really believe this machine saved me from derailing my sugar-free diet!

And now, to conclude... I saw so many positive effects from going sugar-free that I'd like to keep it up as much as possible. That being said, I will definitely still indulge in ice cream every now and then... but the benefits of being sugar-free far outweigh the taste of sugar.

If you're considering trying it, even for a few days or a week, I encourage you to! If you have any questions, feel free to ask me in the comments or shoot me an email. :)

Love, Cait