Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend

How was everyone's weekend?

Mine was great! I saw Clay Walker perform at Speed Street..
This picture looks almost identical to the one taken two years ago!

Consumed a little frozen yogurt from my new favorite place, "Sweet Frog"
Can you tell that I really like toppings?

Floated around the pool with my family

And even found a little friend :)
Cute lil' turtle!
Right now I feel like a big ol' slug because it's supposed to get up to 98 degrees! That's too hot to even lay by the pool. Hmmm let's see what kind of trouble I can get into!

Hope everyone had a great holiday!

Love, Caitlin

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Fit for a Sailor

Hey everyone!

So I know I just did a fashion post yesterday... buuut I saw Lilly Pulitzer's new arrivals had been updated on her site and it had me feeling a little inspired.These four different nautical-inspired styles are perfect for a Memorial Day weekend, especially if you'll be near a beach or by the pool.

I love summer. I think maybe a little too much.

Casual and Cool
Nothing says vacation quite like a pair of crisp, white shorts (Anthropologie). 
They're even cuter paired with this sea-foam blue belt (Vineyard Vines). 
I'm also loving the hot pink accents on this clutch (Lilly Pulitzer) and cork wedges (Sperry Topsider).

Sail Away
I love the anchors featured on these sandals (Lilly Pulitzer) and stud earrings (Fornash). 
This knotted gold bracelet (Charm and Chain) looks great with a tan, and an adorable beach bag (Lilly Pulitzer) is perfect for stowing all of your summer necessities.  

Classic and Cool
This pretty, preppy look can be achieved with a trendy straw clutch (Vineyard Vines) and a delicate beaded tank (Anthropologie) - I love the color of this one!
Complete the look with a summer essential: seersucker (Sperry Topsider).

Get Crabby
Look pretty by the pool in this nautical striped bikini (J Crew), and accessorize with red accents.
I love these crab earrings (Fornash) and bold bangles (Charm and Chain). 
Don't forget your sunscreen, though! Pack it in this cute makeup bag (Vineyard Vines) and you'll be set.

What is everyone up to this Memorial Day Weekend? 

My family is having a cookout on Monday, and tonight I'll be attending Speed Street, a festival in uptown Charlotte. They always have great country singers!
My friend Kelsey and I at Speed Street a few years ago
I hope everyone has a great holiday! :)

Love, Caitlin

Friday, May 27, 2011

Trend to Try: Tribal

Please excuse the obnoxious alliteration in the title, not my fault that they all start with "T's" :)

One of the Summer 2011 runway trends is tribal prints and patterns. You can incorporate this look into your outfit in a number of ways.. you don't necessarily have to get decked out in animal prints or a feather headress.  Try a bold statement necklace with a solid colored top, incorporate a pair of these earrings, or wear a beaded clutch with your outfit, and you'll be right on trend.

Look for pieces with geometric prints, bold patterns, or colorful beading. Click on the image below to enlarge!

1. Cleo's Dream Dress, French Connection, $248
2. Cleo's Haze Clutch, French Connection, $158
3. Cleopatra Statement Earrings, Charm and Chain, $48
4. Coral bangle, Charm and Chain, $50
5. Turquoise spike necklace, Charm and Chain, $80
6. Embellished Jersey Maxi Dress, T-Bags, $260
7. Embellished stretch silk camisole, Diane von Furstenberg, $495
8. Black Hexagon Drop Earrings, Charm and Chain, $70
9. Elephant Bangle, Furbish, $32
10. Tobyn tribal-print shorts, BCBC Maxazria, $148

What do you guys think of tribal prints? (Love it? Too out-there?) 

It is thundering at my house right now SO LOUDLY and I'm a little scared... I'm about to go hide under my covers with a book!

Have a great Friday everyone!

Love, Caitlin 

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

My Day in Pictures

How to Beat the Heat...

Start with a glass of lemonade
Or two... but you might want to stay inside
Take a dip in the pool
And finish with some strawberry cheesecake ice cream!
Today was 94 degrees... ouch. Stay cool everyone!

Love, Caitlin

Monday, May 23, 2011

It's Back!

Good evening, everyone!

I just got back from a trip to the mall. My mom's birthday is next week, and I needed to pick up some presents for the birthday girl. We're big on birthdays in my family. We go all out with streamers, confetti, wall decorations, balloons, etc etc. Last year we threw a Mexican-themed party for my mom's birthday. We even picked out these uber-cool mustaches and played music by a mariachi band. (How funny do I look in this picture??)

This could probably be used as blackmail against me!
The party planners: my brother, dad, and I!

We haven't decided on a theme for this year, yet. My brother suggested a gangsta theme where we would wear "bling" around our necks and my dad could get a tattoo sleeve. I suggested a Ke$ha theme, to which my dad responded, "What is a kesha?" (Hahaha). I was kidding about Ke$ha, but I will let you know what we decide!

Anyways, back to the reason I'm writing this post! At the mall today, I learned that one of my favorite products is back in stores after being discontinued last year. I could have jumped for JOY I was so excited! It's the "Hold it Right There - After-Sun Tan Extender" by Bath & Body Works. The old bottle looks like this:

I have been rationing my use of this product since they discontinued it. I had one bottle left, from last summer. This stuff is amazing! It has a fresh, beachy scent and does a great job of moisturizing my legs without making them feel greasy. The product is called "After-Sun Tan Extender" because it contains aloe vera and antioxidants to soothe your skin after you've been in the sun. The back of the bottle says, "Once you achieve the perfect tan, you'll of course want to keep your pasty, pale friends jealous as long as possible." That may be really funny, but this stuff actually does preserve and extend the life of your tan. I love using it on my whole body after a day in the sun!

I was pretty upset when I realized that they discontinued the product. However, I went in Bath & Body Works today to get something for my mom and guess what! IT'S BACK!!!!! It's SO brand spankin' new that they don't even have it online yet.

The sales lady told me that they re-packaged the product, but it is the same exact indulgent body lotion that it was before. I snagged two... one for my mother and one for me ;) And I couldn't be more excited! If you need some new lotion, you should really try this stuff!!! It's perfect for summer.

Oh, and one more thing I'm excited about..

Who will be watching The Bachelorette tonight? 

Have a great night everyone!

Love, Caitlin

Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Straw Bag

If you're in the market for a new bag, you should definitely consider the straw bag.

Not only are they extremely popular this season, but the bag itself is incredibly convertible. They're large and roomy, perfect for toting to the beach, but cute enough to use as a handbag on summer nights. Straw is versatile, looks great paired with any outfit, and essentially screams "summer." This season, look for straw bags with colorful stripes or bold patterns.  

I've always loved straw bags. You must know that I'm ecstatic because all of my favorite designers have come out with their own version of the straw bag for summer. 

Lilly Pulitzer

Kate Spade

Michael Kors

J Crew

Vineyard Vines


Tory Burch

Marc Jacobs

Rebecca Minkhoff

 Oh, I'm in love! You can't go wrong with any of these. Even if you're not looking for a huge tote, you can still satisfy your straw craving with one of these cuties:

Kate Spade


Tory Burch

There are so many to choose from! Which one is your favorite?

Love, Caitlin 

Friday, May 20, 2011

Frozen Peach Yogurt Cups

Do you love frozen yogurt? Do you love fruit?  Do you love eating dessert knowing that it's healthy for you?
I'm about to share with you my all-time FAVORITE recipe for summer. No joke, ya'll. My friend keeps them stored in the freezer at her lake house and they are perfect for a hot summer day. Or anytime, really.

You'll need..

Sugar, a lemon, peach yogurt (I used Yoplait Light), Sour cream (I used the light brand from HT), chopped pecans, crushed pineapple, maraschino cherries, and two bananas.

First, mix together the yogurt, sour cream, and sugar.

 Then stir in your other ingredients.

And don't forget to squeeze lemon juice into the mixture!

Because I lack freezer space, I lined a cookie sheet with foil cupcake liners. (You can also just use a cupcake or muffin pan!)

Pour the yogurt into the cupcake liners...

And freeze until solid. When they're completely frozen, pop 'em out of the pan and store them in a large zip-lock bag. They'll keep for the whole summer! But if you're like me...

They won't be around long.

I may or may not have eaten one for breakfast this morning..

The best part? These babies are only 75 calories. That's right.

They make the perfect dessert after dinner, or they can be eaten as a side with your lunch. They are "healthy" since they contain yogurt, fruit, and nuts! I promise you once you taste them you'll be in love. They're sweet and tangy at the same time, and you feel like you're eating something "bad" for you since it tastes SO, SO good. Mmmmmm.

*Yields 21 servings, approximately 75 calories each


Love, Caitlin

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Splurge versus Steal

Good morning everyone!

I love finding "good deals," so I set out to find some less-expensive versions of these designer accessories. These items are really a "steal" - they look just like the designer ones but for wayyyy less.

 Starfish Earrings
Tiffany ($2,650) versus Fornash ($38)

Lilly Pulitzer ($198) versus Calypso for Target ($29.99) 

Tortoise Shell Watch
 Michael Kors ($195) versus Fornash ($50)

Turquoise and Gold Bangles
Nordstrom ($48.00) versus Forever 21 ($6.80)

 Gold Knot Earrings
Tiffany ($550) versus Shop Bop ($25)

Jelly Thong Sandal
Jimmy Choo ($175) versus  J Crew ($49.50)

 Straw Clutch
Michael Kors ($178) versus Sondra Roberts ($44)

Love, Caitlin